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Physiotherapists in Kolkata Help You Fight Mental Depression

Our health and wellbeing is not just limited to our physical condition alone. But it also encircles our mind. In this age of unbelievable advancement of technology, the condition or the health of human mind in general is steadily going down. This fact exhibits itself from the rampant cases of mental depression all over the […]

Ayurveda Home Remedies for Common Health Problems

For most of us popping a pill for every health problem seems to be the most convenient and effectual solution. There are many individuals anxious about the talks, shreds of evidence, and information in cyberspace regarding the side-effects of consuming high-dosage of medicines. So, for our wellness concerned readers who wish to give the pill […]

What You Need to Know Before Starting Yoga?

Yoga is an enchanting practice, a mind-body practice that not only involves stretching but also brings awareness, mental clarity, spiritual awakening and stabilizes emotions. Originating thousands of years ago in India, the practice was born in the lap of the Himalayas and today, it has spread its wings worldwide making the lives of people better. […]

Dental Implants Procedure – Most Common Questions

Dental implants are a long-lasting solution to the damaged, broken, and decayed teeth. The dental implant procedure helps you get the back the naturally beautiful smile. From providing you with the natural teeth to preventing bone loss, dental implants offer endless benefits. Want to know more about the treatment? Keep reading to know details. 1 […]

Important Aspects of Yoga Instructor Ethics

Yoga and ethics are inherent to one another and the initial purpose of the yoga is to practice ethics, to deeply understand and unfold the mystic layers of this ancient science. Ethics are the core values that travel with us, dwell within us once we adapt it, and surely show in our practice. Yoga ethics […]

What You Need to Know about Emergency Morning after Pill

Sexual intercourse with your partner should be enjoyable and satisfying. At the same time, it should not give you any stress and this is why it is important to have proper knowledge on emergency contraception options. If you had unsafe sex with your partner and you really don’t plan to conceive at this moment, then […]

Should I Go for Either Implants or Dentures?

Dentures are not the perfect options for everybody and thus you have to determine first that whether you are the suitable candidate for the concerned dental treatment or not. Gum diseases, tooth decays or other related dental damages can be now easily and efficiently prevented by means of choosing advanced dental implants treatment. Major problems […]

Importance Of Maintaining Oral Hygiene

A positive compliment about smile brings a kind of delight. Our genuine smile has the potential to make others smile. Grin is not merely an expression but something more than that. Even a small mistake can potentially reduce your enthusiasm. When we are ill, it literally reflects in our face first. Our illness is first […]

200 Hour Teacher Training in Rishikesh yoga in rishikesh

Jeevmoksha yoga gurukul is a premier institute of yoga in Rishikesh. Located in the Himalayan foothills of the Shivalik Range, Jeevmoksha is a serene and calm study point where students can indulge in a spiritual affair with themselves taking time out of the pace of modern life and taking time to look deep within themselves. […]