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Camera Slider for Film Production Purposes to Maintain Accuracy

Making a good movie need smooth camera movements while shooting a scene and capturing other objects. Most film directors will follow certain types of techniques to move the camera properly for ensuring high clarity of pictures. They even utilize some equipment for meeting exact needs in a film or movie production. The camera sliders are […]

Travelling To St. Thomas – The Perfect Holiday Destination

The festive season is approaching fast. This is the time to plan your vacation. Do you want to travel to some serene locality to refresh the minds? Planning for a St. Thomas vacation can be an excellent idea. It is a great tourist destination that promises all the true essence of coastal delight. The St. […]

6 activities you must not miss during your vacation in St. John

For any tourist, the trip to Virgin Islands cannot be completed without visiting St. John, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of this place. While staying at St. John resorts, a tourist gets so many opportunities for enjoying which are enough to overwhelm him or her. If you too are experiencing the same situation, […]

History to Future of ‘Black & white’ and Gray scale photography

If we dig out old family albums and photograph collections, we can come across a series of black and white pictures. Photography as we remember since ages began in this grayscale form. With development in technology and the coming of the digital age, photography underwent a major metamorphosis and emerged in the bright and colorful […]