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200 Hour Teacher Training in Rishikesh yoga in rishikesh

Jeevmoksha yoga gurukul is a premier institute of yoga in Rishikesh. Located in the Himalayan foothills of the Shivalik Range, Jeevmoksha is a serene and calm study point where students can indulge in a spiritual affair with themselves taking time out of the pace of modern life and taking time to look deep within themselves. […]

What Can We Learn From the Lives of Successful People?

Life is a possibility to make things happen and face adversities with fortitude. The life and times of successful people like Steve Jobs, JK Rowling, and Jack Ma are a case in point. Sometimes you might face a situation where you feel of being wronged even when you are on the path of righteousness. The […]

With Miracle Water- Be An Optimist Rather Than Being A Pessimist

Do you agree to the fact that our life is full of uncertainties? If yes, then do you feel happy about it? If yes then cherish every single moment of it and if not then why do you think that uncertainties have to be negative all the time, ever thought there can be good uncertainties […]