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Top 10 Longest Living Animals on the Earth

The lifespan of animal depends on various things such as – their rate of metabolism, sexual intensity etc. Size is one of the important factors, which cannot be ignored too. It has been observed that animal with small size lives less than the bigger ones. It occurs due to the fast metabolism of the small animals. Even the prey animals live lesser than the predators. If the rate of reproduction…
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4 Best Foods to Try in Rome

Rome offers more than just world-renowned landmarks and sceneries. This city has enough world-class restaurants and bistros to satiate your appetite for authentic Italian cuisine.If you’re planning a holiday in Rome, then allow us to present you with these 4 best food to…
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6 activities you must not miss during your vacation in St. John

For any tourist, the trip to Virgin Islands cannot be completed without visiting St. John, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of this place. While staying at St. John resorts, a tourist gets so many opportunities for enjoying which are enough to overwhelm him or her. If you too are experiencing the same situation, know the following amazing activities that you must not miss in St.
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