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CBD Oil For Horses

Humans are finding a vast array of benefits with CBD oil, and scientific studies are evidencing the effects in clinical research. There are reports that it is helping their domestic furry friends, cats and dogs, in areas such as with changes in behavior patterns and working to manage pain levels. But it is less known that these benefits extend to other species including massive creatures like the majestic horse.

A pony has great capacity for both intelligence and emotion. The friendship and trust between the equine and its human companion is incredible, meaning any ailments the animal endures is heart wrenching for the equestrian. Many have found natural cannabidiol a safe option, showing a number of healing properties for the various unique conditions this species encounters. All mammals and various other species, including humans, birds, reptiles, cats, dogs, and horses share a similar ECS system so the advantages of CBD are comparable. 

CBD Oil For Horses

Cannabidiol, known more commonly as CBD, supplements the endocannabinoid or ECS system by stimulating the receptors within the brain and throughout the body to help regulate various systems like immunity, the sleep/wake cycle, mood, pain perception, and appetite.

The compound derives from the hemp strain of the cannabis plant, keeping it free of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the intoxicating effect in marijuana. CBD provides the benefits of cannabis without these psychoactive characteristics. 

The substance is not designated as a “cure” but notes to be helpful with symptoms for health issues with little to no chance for harsh side effects for the horse. Go here for advice concerning administration.

** Emotional Distress

Horses boast as among the most “emotionally intelligent” of species. It’s vital to ensure that their mental health is optimum. If equine respond poorly to being transported or when in an enclosed arena, the anxiolytic properties in CBD boast the capacity to bring calm, helping to relax the animal, and allowing him to get through the experience with less stress.

** Digestive Concerns

A horse’s diet generally consists of grain only, making them susceptible to gastrointestinal problems that include ulcers, indigestion, bloating, nausea, and a complete loss of appetite. These are amplified with horses who perform because of their physically intensive lifestyle.

With a grain diet, the digestive tract can become irritated, but CBD with its strong anti-inflammatory properties helps to counteract these symptoms.  For horses who don’t have irritation, the compound acts as a preventive measure, and for those suffering with current issues, it helps to manage the condition.

** Cancer Diagnosis

CBD oil helps to decrease the harsh effects brought on by treatments required for cancer diagnosis. It might even have the capacity to work in a way that prevents the potential spread by stopping the growth of cells, possibly bringing cell death. The substance boasts being a boost for the immune system, which helps fight cancerous cells from forming.

The evidence is not sufficient to conclude precisely the reason “why” the compound shows effectiveness with managing the disease, but adequate reports indicate it does have a positive impact. It isn’t a replacement for conventional medical treatments, but it isuseful for cohesive treatment with the medical intervention as a way ofaiding the horse intolerating the side effects.

The overall idea is to make the animal as comfortable as possible and improve the quality of their life. In reducing the adverse reactions to the harsh treatments and helping with the symptoms from the disease, cannabidiol productshave the capacity to enhance wellness and improve the animal’s day-to-day life.

There are specific formulas you can find online. You can view these at sites like that were created for horses. On sites like these you can find helpful information to guide you towards the items most suited for your equine's unique needs.


Final Thought

With regular visits from a reputable holistic vet, the medical provider can make an assessment whether CBD oil is a good idea for your horse as far as the life the animal leads. A professional can further determine the dosage, how it should be introduced to the animal, and administration techniques. 

Before giving it to the equine, the doctor will make sure that there are no medications the horse is on that will interact with the substance or that there are no underlying conditions that the compound could interfere with. Mixing medications can have serious consequences for horses if you do so without a vet’s consent.

When instituting high quality products that come from a reputable brand with proper administration methods, you should recognize improvements each day with your pony.

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Syandita Malakar
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