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CEH vs. CISSP; Which Certification Should I Get

ceh vs cissp

Today, cybercrime and attacks are on the rise in the world. The organization must hire more knowledgeable hacks and crime removal experts. Obtaining information security is very important for professionals in Internet security careers. If you want to get a job in this field, you must have good certification. In the current scenario, a large number of applicants will need to obtain a certified professional IT security certificate. You can choose the right certificate based on your preferences. People can find great job opportunities in the IT sector and secure their careers. You can choose one that meets the requirements of industry standards and parameters. The company is exploring key aspects such as system security testing and security checks. First, people need to understand the need for certificates, which comes with a number of factors that encourage students to learn more about security and addressing threats. Moreover, a certificate can help you make a lot of money.

Get the Certification

Access to the most sought-after security certification courses is critical to security research. The course is hosted by IT and other professionals and provides valuable validation. The course covers key enterprise security, threats, hacker prevention and more. Each certificate manages different things for people to learn.

Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) Certificate

CEH certification is suitable for people to become legal-hackers for the needs of the organization. Experts use the files of all malicious hackers who have full access to the system to check data and steal information and spread viruses in files and data. Certification can help you become a professional ethics hacker to protect your business data.

Certified-Information Systems Security-Professional (C-I-S-S-P) Certificate

The credentials of CISSP certification agree to an individual in order to set up workplace safety management settings. The individual is responsible for testing the system, its reliability and security.

But Which One is Easier?

This question is not easy to answer. It all depends on your interests and talents. CEH and CISSP face the same major security challenges. While some know the bugs and hacking techniques, others try to test the functionality of the security system. In general, CEH is lighter than CISSP. The CEH course does not have as many questions as the CISSP in the final exam. The best part about these two types of certifications is that they are good for you no matter what area you want to work in IT. In the last years, the computer industry has grown steadily. The demand for qualified and certified professionals has not yet mastered. Because the supply does not meet market demand, you do not have to worry about finding a job, regardless of the type of certification.

What Should You Consider When Choosing?

Before deciding between them, you should consider all the facts; there are several things to deliberate. Your resources, and ultimately your future goals, would be different. Usually, you want to decide in other industries whether your career is in high demand. However, given the current and expected future growth of the IT sector, the market seems to be a controversial issue - a career that will require CEH and CISSP certification for at least the next decade.

Note that there are different assumptions for obtaining these two certificates. Those wishing to attend CISSP training must be eligible to obtain a 4-year college degree or at least 5 years of work experience in two ISC-2 CISSP filed. CEH courses do not have such prerequisites. Therefore, many things must be considered before obtaining these two certificates. If you have both certificates, you can do so. An IT career requires you to have at least both certifications. Whatever you choose, there is no wrong choice, because you work significantly in both ways.

Other Facts to Keep In Mind

The choice of CEH or CISSP can be influenced by many factors - both certificates or not. After all, because of the great skill that is in high demand, they can become expensive if you do not get the money from your current employer.

A Future Goal

One of the key factors in choosing the right certificate for you depends on what you want to pass first. Want to be more desirable? Want to become an IT expert? Want to climb the career ladder? Asking yourself these questions will help you decide which certificate best suits your needs and desires.

What Knowledge And Experience Do You Already Have?

As mentioned earlier, CEH and CISSP certifications are not a benchmark and often require years of experience and knowledge before you can achieve them. Do not be discouraged if you are just starting in your IT career as there are many other talented opportunities for beginners.

Are There Any High Requirements In My Career?

Finding a job or climbing the career ladder is not a problem if you are paying for courses that give you the knowledge that many employers are not looking for. Instead, try to strike a balance between specializations, make yourself more desirable, and pursue the career path you need. For example, CEH accepts this balance. With all the shocking media involved in data breach and hacking, computer security is now a big deal.

Follow the Path of High Demand

As said before, the wonderful world of computer security is based on high demand and low supply. Demand for IT professionals is always high, but the number of certified professionals available is far less than you might expect - especially with their certified IT professionals. What are the most popular titles in the IT industry looking for beginner, intermediate, or senior IT professionals? Studies have shown that the top choices are:

l   Manage security and mobile access

l   IT review and development of prevention methods

l   Reporting and data processing, data management

l   Certified penetration/ hacking test

l   Cloud security

CEH or CISSP certification can have a significant impact on the IT sectors mentioned above. However, as mentioned above, you must ensure that you have the knowledge, training, skills and experience to validate your choice.

A Big Question….!

Which qualifications are most valued in the most modern IT market? The answer is ... both! As two information security certificates are focused on different goals of your business, it is up to you to decide which is more valuable. Some careers, such as working at the Department-of-Defense, may require at least two certifications, so depending on where you want your computer to go, you may already have made that decision! After deciding what type of certification you want to earn, you can begin the exam training process that can help you advance your career. With more valuable new knowledge and certifications that prove you know your business, you can find the perfect job to achieve your goals.

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