Celebrity Personal Trainers Guide: What To Do And What Is Best To Avoid!

Celebrity Personal Trainers

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The role of a celebrity personal trainer is to accompany his student during his sports training. Explain the proper postures and movements to progress and, very importantly, detail everything you must do to avoid injuries! Whatever the objective; lose weight (maintain, burn calories), shape the body (develop or gain muscle), harden glutenous or get an excellent muscle tone, any personal training has to be accompanied by good eating habits!

So you will also have to advise on nutrition and make your client avoid falling into the typical temptations such as pizza + beer, after a training session. Here we further share the Do’s and Don’ts!

The exercises that you have to eliminate from your training classes

  • The abdominal are a classic in fitness classes, both individual and collective, and have to be done well to avoid injuries, especially when it comes to the back.
  • To get an excellent slender and muscular silhouette, and tone the belly, it is essential to be constant in the practice of the abdominals! For example, one or two sessions per week!
  • A neck or back injury can cause you to lose motivation and abandon any activity related to personal training.
  • When you practice the crunch, one of the most straightforward exercises to work your abs, place the fingers well behind the ears so that the head is held firmly by the hands when you ascend.
  • During your gymnastics or fitness classes, keep in mind to use a towel that holds the head during the whole ascent of the chest.
  • But be careful, when doing it during the sit-up session, what you should not do is: lowering your legs and sticking your back on the ground while doing the exercise is not recommended at all! However, the lower back does have to be well attached to the ground because otherwise, you could injure yourself.
  • To achieve a well-marked chocolate tablet, do not forget the obliques, which can be worked with twisting movements in abdominal or chest rotation equipment on a sloping bench.
  • Beware of putting too much weight, especially if you are a beginner, you will run the risk that a muscle of the back is immobilized!
  • Blocking the body or muscle reinforcement is a great training exercise to tone muscles.
  • Above all, pay attention not to stick your end when you do the "iron," the most well-known body-locking practice in muscle toning.
  • Also, think about contracting your abs and glutes so that you can hold the weight of the body well on the arms and toes.
  • Breathe well throughout the training session and home gym classes.
  • Exhale through the mouth and contract the abdominals when you raise the chest. Then, inhale through your nose when you descend to the ground.

 Situations and positions that must be prohibited in your training

  • The shoulder is one of the most unstable joints in the human body. It is also the most exercised in bodybuilding in terms of the upper body, for example when you work your biceps, deltoids or when you do the exercise known as the pectoral bench press.
  • During the sessions of bodybuilding, do not forget to stop the movement at the moment in which the stump of the shoulder rises and surpasses the 90 degrees of amplitude.
  • The face pull should also be avoided if you do not completely control the movement as it could damage the scapular joint.
  • A personal trainer, at home or in a gym, will show you the correct actions and, above all, what you cannot exceed in terms of amplitude!
  • The bench press is an essential exercise to develop the pectorals, but also considers the set of errors that you should not commit. Squats, which you practice as muscle reinforcement or in a program of the type 'Cross-Fit,' have to be mastered well, so you do not injure your back.
  • Remember that you must keep your back straight.
  • Warm up all the areas that you will work during your training session with fitness equipment.

Do not hesitate to consult a personal trainer to determine the weight you can use. Think long term. You will never be able to lift 200 kg on an impulse during the first session! The key is pro-grease!

Celebrity Personal Trainers : tips that should not be given to lose weight

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Do not promise your clients that they will lose weight quickly because it is not realistic and because it endangers their health. The main drawback of the express regime is the yoyo effect: to lose weight fast, you will have to create a routine in what refers to the body. The problem is that our organization takes the bad habit of storing all the fat that is present when it returns to a healthy diet.


Another unpleasant consequence of the rapid loss of weight:

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To finish, losing weight quickly involves the memorization of the body. The latter becomes accustomed to deprivation and therefore, the more regimen you do, the harder the weight loss will be. To be sure of losing kilos in a lasting way, consider the idea of cardio workouts that favor the cardiovascular system such as:

  • Run,
  • Row,
  • Outdoor cycling,
  • Treadmill,
  • Indoor cycling, in a gym or sports center,
  • Practice yoga.

What not to do in cardio training?

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Cardio is the solution to burn cellulite, and other unpleasant love handles, but be careful to do anything in the cardio session! As a personal trainer, you have to guide your students and prevent them from following the bad ideas that circulate in specific gyms. It may seem obvious, but training with an injury is absurd and dangerous. In case of minor injuries, cut the activity under penalty of injury more seriously (tear, break) and gives importance to low impact sports such as:

  • Swimming,
  • Indoor cycling (unless you suffer on your knees),
  • Yoga (beware of certain delicate positions),
  • Soft gymnastics,
  • Running.

These "cardio" exercise classes should be combined with muscle reinforcement:

  • General physical preparation,
  • Muscle toning,
  • Squats and glutes,
  • Gymnastics, pilates or yoga classes.

In the same way, some preconceived ideas are still present. Whatever your physical level, whether you are a Sunday athlete or a high-level athlete, do not forget this essential advice: your training program has to be progressive!