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Certificate III in early childhood education and care: All you need to know

General Introduction

Certificate III in early childhood education and care is important for the trainers who work for child care services. There are different requirements in taking responsibility for early childhood education and care, includes the knowledge of National Regulations and National Quality Standard. Knowledge of this certificate helps in empowering the support in the deployment of the learned framework which includes children’s care and development. It is important to work under direct supervision for getting a better experience and how the work can be handled related to the aspects of children’s need. Candidates apply for the certificate III who are interested in developing their career in the childcare services or either working the same field. This will help in getting into the field of child care and services with the help of formal qualification.

What certificate III actually is?

Certificate 3 in childcare is a training certificate which helps in providing training to the candidates for early childhood education and care. This training is for helping the youngsters in setting their life in a secure and healthy way and also to develop a better atmosphere for them. Under this course, one will get the training with respect to communication and working behaviour in a cooperative manner including with the professors and staff. This certificate focuses on the better-integrated care of the children by learning the factors of their health and safety.

Why certificate III is needed?

During the initial period of childhood, children need some additional care and support for better quality of life. They need to be regularly attended for the whole day due to some specific needs. Therefore this requires practical knowledge also so that proper administration can be provided to the children. This directly affects the growth and development of those children who did not get proper assistance. There are several child care centres and nurseries available in support to child growth. This diploma in childcare allows you to get the employment at the region where child care is the essential requirement. A career in this sector is highly demanding because in each family both the mother and father are working and they need childcare workers for the care of their children. For the employment in the child care, you just needed the minimum requirement for childhood setting.

Eligibility for getting the certificate III

Candidate applying for certificate III under the ‘Child care Courses in Perth’ must be qualified in the year 10 and also must have the certificate II. This also includes some experience in the children care and also where the candidate is working. There is also a limitation in the age group; the student must be of the age 18 or above.

Major course modules

  • Relationship with children must include the positive and respected behaviour
  • Enhance the quality of regular diet for children
  • Holistic development in early times of childhood is important for every child
  • Children must be informed regularly related to information
  • Experiences are required in case of play and learning
  • Active participation in different health task
  • There should be proper emergency first aid at the time of education
  • Complete task with proper ethical and legal aspects
  • For better practice, it is better to use an approved framework
  • Create competency in cultural aspects
  • Enhance the cultural safety of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • Risk related to children and other people must be identified and responded
  • Health and safety of the children must be ensured
  • Emergency care for babies
  • Effective care at the time of disease

Various job opportunities related to certificate III

There are several opportunities where you will get the employment with respect to the certificate III in childhood education and care. There are some specific roles that are offered for the candidates qualified for the course. The first one is childcare worker who directly appointed for the care of the children at child care services. Some other profiles are early childhood educator, staff for education support, family day care worker, babysitter and much more. With time, there will be a high demand for child care workers due to the busy schedule of the parents. Candidates, who are making their career in childcare, will have a better future and good handsome salary. There will be a high number of job openings in the coming years for the same childcare sector. This sector of employment requires less qualification and less working hours so it will be an ideal employment for the candidates working in the same sector. However, it needed some focus and responsibility towards the children such that the care and support given to them must provide a positive result.

The above information provides some useful information related to the Certificate III in early childhood education and care. This information is very useful for the readers and also for the candidates who are searching for the knowledge of the certificate III.

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