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Challenge Activities For Gifted Students That Really Work


Have you seen “Young Sheldon” about a little genius? His teachers and parents had to find a lot of ways to cope with this special gifted boy. Indeed, it was not an easy assignment. In this post, we are going to offer some challenge activities for such talented students as Sheldon Cooper.

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Apparently, the standard educational system is not convenient for talented pupils. It constrains their intellectual capacity and does not expand their skills. Thus, it is better to come up with special creative activities. Expert authors from Essay-editor.net service offer to focus on the following points:

  • game techniques for an interesting interactive learning process;
  • leverage of modern technologies and equipment to make the most of college students capacity;
  • active and dynamic tasks to keep pupils’ attention;
  • a lack of strict rules and borders for maximum freedom.

Challenge activities for gifted students: some good ideas


Gifted young people have endless opportunities for self-development. They need to go beyond their native environment and face challenges. Research paper editing specialists say that the main thing is to channel their intellectual energy properly.

For instance, do not give them a common academic essay. They will cope with it fast and get bored after that. Instead, offer something more complicated: an interview, a presentation,a short film, etc. Herearesomemorealternativestotraditionalcollegeassignments.

  1. An individual research project

Give them a topic that sparks their interest. For example, they can do a field study on virtualization or social media in the lives of contemporary students. A psychological or a physical experiment is also a good idea.

  1. A virtual newspaper

It could be a sort of blog or website devoted to the subject you study and college life in general. This activity implies a place where imagination runs wild. Besides, you can select several gifted students for this task. Together they could get a synergistic effect.

  1. A prediction on your subject

An element of surprise works good for talented pupils. Let them reflect on the future of a specific phenomenon. When common students study the topic and its past events, the gifted guys can make well-grounded predictions for further development.

  1. A business plan for a startup

The entrepreneurial spirit, in combination with outstanding talents, can bring awesome results. A student can invent a personal project or develop an already existing idea. Ask him/her to prove the profitability of the business. This task teaches to adapt to the realities and succeed in life.

  1. A scenario for a computer game

While most of the teachers, professors, and parents take computer games negatively, use this hobby as an instrument for learning. Ask students to invent characters and a plot for the game.

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