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Challengers to the McDonald’s McDouble

Meta: The McDouble from McDonald’s a classic burger, but you may want to try out other 2-patty options out there!

Sure, McDonald’s offers plenty of iconic fast-food menu items. You can always get the McDouble, for example, especially when a single regular patty just won’t cut it for you. It comes with chopped onions and tart pickles, along with a melted slice of American cheese.

Add in the mustard and ketchup, and it’s great. To really enhance the entire meal, you also need fries with that. Getting a couple of pure beef patties instead of just a single one makes a lot of sense. Why limit yourself to 1 patty, when it’s that good?

But then again, why limit yourself to the McDouble at all? While it’s a terrific burger, you should try out other burger options that also offer a couple of patties to the party.

Big Mac

When it comes to iconic McDonald’s burgers with 2 patties, the Big Mac always comes to mind for most people. It’s really good, of course, and it became a true legend worldwide for good reasons.

However, some people do worry about calories, and the Big Mac comes with 550 of those calories. The Big Mac is also pricier, at an average cost of $5.04 in the US. For a large group with a smaller budget, the McDouble may make a lot more sense. It’s easier on the wallet, as the McDouble costs about $2.79 on average in the US.

Double Cheeseburger

This is the option that somehow makes you reconsider getting the McDouble in the first place. That’s because it’s pretty much the same as the McDouble. You also get 2 all-beef patties, seasoned lightly with salt and pepper. Everything else is the same here, with the pickles, chopped onions, ketchup, and mustard.

The main difference in the ingredients is that the Double Cheeseburger comes with melty slices of American Cheese. With the McDouble, you only get a single slice of the cheese.

Yet somehow, the Double Cheeseburger is even more affordable! It only costs an average of $2.56—that’s 23 cents cheaper than the McDouble. Maybe you want the McDouble because the Double Cheeseburger comes with an extra 50 calories?

In-N-Out Double Double

The In-N-Out brand has quickly gained the reputation of offering the best burgers in the fast-food industry. The meat is perfectly seasoned. The cheese is out of this world fantastic. They’ve toasted the buns perfectly. Nothing else beats their hand-pulled lettuce, especially when paired with the large, juicy tomato slices. The special sauce is literally special, and you’ll certainly notice the bits of tart relish.

Ask for some extra chopped chilis, and it’s just about perfect. Or you can go with the legendary “Animal Style” version, which comes with grilled onions and mustard-grilled patties.

What’s wrong with it? There’s a huge problem—you can only find an In-N-Out in 7 states, with the 8th (Idaho) in the works. There are only 358 In-N-Out establishments, which pale in comparison to the 39,198 McDonald’s restaurants spread over 119 countries all over the world. It’s not really all that good if you can’t get it. For most people, any sort of In-N-Out burger is just a unicorn.

Shake Shack Double Shack Burger

This is another rare and almost mythical burger, since there are even fewer Shake Shack locations all over the world. There are only 168 establishments in the US, and 86 more around the world. That’s a total of only 254 locations.

But if you do find a Shake Shack, be quick about it and order your Double Shack Burger. Many consider its beef patties as the absolute best in the industry. And the other elements, like the thick tomatoes, the lettuce, the in-house burger sauce, are all great. That’s especially true of the potato roll, that acts like a sponge to absorb the grease. 

Just be careful with the calories. At 760 calories, this is almost like ordering 2 McDouble burgers.

Five Guys Cheeseburger

Despite the simple name, Five Guys actually created their Cheeseburger with 2 patties. The version with the single patty is called the Little Cheeseburger. This can be confusing for newbies, but you’ll forget about it once you get a taste of the burger.

It’s not perfect, and when you take a bite out of the standard version, you may find it a bit too salty. But what takes the Five Guys Cheeseburger into the All-Star Lineup is the virtually unlimited options when it comes to toppings and sauce options.

If you want to add jalapenos, just go for it. The same goes for the green peppers and grilled mushrooms. If you require a dab of Worcestershire sauce, you can get it. You can also replace the mayo with BBQ sauce instead. Every time you visit Five Guys, you can always experiment.


Of course, you can try all these burgers and come back to the ever-dependable McDouble. For some people, it’s the Goldilocks burger—everything about it is “just right”!

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