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Is your Email Outreach not showing positive results? Here is what you need to change

Do you wish to close a great deal or get a backlink from a site? Yes! Then your need to opt for an excellent email outreach strategy. Are you wondering why then, understand it like this? Around 306.4 billion emails are sent and received daily. So, a top-notch outreach tactic must make your email cut through this tough competition to get opened, read, and replied to by the recipient.

In case you plan to send cold emails, the positive results can become even harder without the proper outreach strategy. So, no matter your outreach goal, if your email outreach isn't showing positive results, here is what you need to change in your next cold outreach campaign to make it work.

5 things to change to get more from your email outreach campaign.

  1. Focus on the recipient and not on your product

Do not start a cold email by discussing the features of your product or services. Instead, the focus should be on the benefits for your recipients. So, never begin an email with paragraphs praising your product but prove to your recipient your sincerity in doing business with them. Moreover, your cold email should have a short, clear, and crisp introduction that will act as a base for your future offers.

Remember that the most exciting part of a cold email is when you keep the recipient at the center of the message, and the recipient benefits by reverting to you.

In addition, we recommend you use cold email campaign software that instantly helps you get more replies and revenue.

  1. Warm-up recipients before directly emailing them

Do not simply aim to send your recipients the first line through email. An email outreach campaign works better if you spare time to warm up your recipients before bombarding them with cold emails. But, how do you, warm-up recipients? There are several ways to do this. It includes using a common place where you found them and contributing your part that they may notice. It can be:

  • Replying on their Comments
  • Answering their Quora questions.
  • A retweet or a share on LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • Show some appreciation for their work.

Keep in mind to set a background for positive communication in the future. First, it makes you look more familiar, and your chances of getting into their inbox increase significantly.

  1. Never sell in the initial email outreach.

Are you expecting your recipients to open and read your first email and head straight to your website to make a purchase? You are seriously expecting a lot. You need to re-evaluate your set expectations. So, never try to sell off your services or products in the first cold email. It makes you look self-interested and pushy.

Instead, the cold emails are meant for intriguing your recipient, attracting them, helping them, or inviting them to indulge in a long-lasting business relationship with you.

Keep in mind that selling a service or product requires more than 3 emails. So, refrain from being pushy or sticking to the sell-off agenda in the cold emails.

  1. Test different versions of the campaign

If your email outreach campaign didn't just work- it is no reason to give up. Instead, you should focus on analyzing the results received from the campaign, including open rates, reply rates, interest rate, and content of all replies, and thereby conclude.

Now that you have made conclusions, you need to make changes to your email outreach and send the updated version to the next recipients. Repeat the overall process until you get positive results from your recipients.

  1. Respond at the earliest when your recipient replies

The main advantage of emails is that you can open, read, and reply to them at your convenience. But, this advantage applies only to recipients and not to you in an outreach campaign.

Keep in mind to react to your recipient's email at the earliest. The idea is to fuel their attention from the moment you succeed to catch their focus. As per experts, the lesser time you take to respond to your recipient's email, the better your chances of building long-lasting business relationships.


No matter what your outreach goal is, a winning outreach strategy is a must to secure positive results. Also, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to email outreach campaigns. But, above are the expert tips to change your regular outreach campaign to see positive results. So, make desired changes to your next outreach campaign to make it work.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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