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Change the looks of an Object with IML Solutions

IML Solution

IML is popularly known as In-Mold  Labelling. It is the growing technology in which there is an involvement of label i.e. an integral part of any container. As both the materials (say the material of the label or the container) are same, it helps in molecular bonding between the two.

Generally, IML solutions are used for the packing of yoghurt, ice-cream and yellow fat. But with a change in the time, it is focussed on the packing of other food items too.

It is also used in the decoration of bottles and container in a single one-step process. Thus IML Solutions is one of the most cost-efficient and economical process for the decoration of products.

Advantages that are Associated with the use of IML solutions

There are many advantages if you use IML Solutions for labelling your product

  1. It is completely hygienic.
  2. You will get a mind-blowing appearance of your product.
  3. Life of the container of product is increased to a great extent.
  4. Using the IML solution is completely tamper-proof.
  5. It is BIS and FDA certified.
  6. You will not get any stains on the labels that are made using IML Solutions.
  7. If you wish to decorate the bottom of the container you can definitely do it by the use of IML Solutions.
  8. In case you use IML Solutions the labels are known to peel able.
  9. Those products that are labelled by using IML Solutions are easily recyclable.

Why IML Solutions Only leaving behind all other Technology?

  1. Safety of food is of first priority according to CERC. In the case of packed food, it must also adhere to BIS. Using IML Solutions has come up to all the requirements.
  2. The packing of materials of food must be recyclable. The containers that are labelled using IML Solutions are recyclable too.
  3. According to CERC reports many food brands are contaminated just because of improper transportation, packing of foods and storage of foods. For this reason Coliforms i.e. e-coli and pathogen bacteria are formed which makes the food contaminated.
  4. Manual handling is not implemented in case of labelling with IML Solutions and thus there are reduced chances of contamination of food.
  5. It is a single step process which makes it economical and also recyclable.

Dissimilarities of IML Solutions process with other processes

  1. Environment-friendly while others are not.
  2. It is visually more appealing and it has more chances for export to developing countries.
  3. It can be decorated unlimitedly. The type of printing that you wish can be printed on the surface of the container.
  4. High quantity of production is possible by the use of IML Solutions technology.

Accuracy of Decoration in case of using IML Solution process

  1. You will always obtain the label at the right place this reduces the chances of products to be defective.
  2. You can decorate the bottom of the container.
  3. Colour gradients are possible if you use IML Solution process.
  4. You can also obtain smaller fonts.

If you want to obtain a unique label on your products containers then you can definitely go with the IMS Solutions Technology. You will not only get an attractive decoration but also a hygienic product packaging. 

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