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Change Your Field Into a Sports Court With Sports Court Markings

Can you imagine a football court without the markings? No. If there were no markings, there would no difference between the cricket that is played in every other street and the one played in professional fields outside. All the difference is made by one small thing, which is called as the sports court markings. All the rules and regulations, almost everything in a court or a cricket field owes to the markings on the field. These are very important for every game played.

Why Hire Professionals for Sports Court Markings?

Court markings as mentioned earlier are the basic and most integral part of any game, be it be cricket, football or volleyball. These are lifelines of all games. Usually professionals are hired for any such work. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it is so important.

  • Sports court and any normal grass field are separated by the professional markings which are subject to proper measurement and dimensions as per the set standards.

  • The professionals are well aware of the international standards and hiring one makes any court one among the many reliable places where any match can be help as per rules.

  • The kind of painting material they use is also something that of great importance. The paints that they use are resistant to damage from external climatic conditions which make them better than any other temporary marking solution.

The Different Kinds of Sports Court Marking Materials

There are various materials that are used for the markings of sports courts and these materials are somewhat dependent upon the site of the game, which can be either indoor or outdoor and also on the choice of the person whosoever is undertaking the project.

Until recently a lot of inorganic products were being used in the markings of the courts which are banned now, keeping in mind the damage of the fields. In case your court is used for an indoor game, PVC tapes are also used at times, but at very less instances in today’s world.

Let’s take a look at the different types of marking materials:

  • Agricultural lime is important and one of the most commonly used products in the sports court markings. Agricultural lime is nothing but calcium carbonate, which is used for whitening purposes. This is generally used in outdoor courts.

  • Iron oxide is also an organic product that is used for markings and the color that comes out is red, and this is generally used in indoor courts.

  • Zinc oxide is another product. The markings made are red in color.

  • Water based plastic paints are the most convenient and widely used product.

sport courts marking contractors

Most of the products that are used are organic and sustainable in nature. The color of markings is also one of the aspects given attention. The colors of the markings on the courts are not something you can choose as your suitability but something that is set as per standards. The outdoor court markings are generally white in color and the indoor court markings are bright in color.

For example let’s take a look at colors of sports court markings of different games.

  • Tennis- Yellow

  • Basketball- Black

  • Volleyball- Green

  • Hockey- Light Blue or Orange

  • Handball- Orange or Light Blue

  • Practice basketball- Dark blue

However, for domestic courts you can choose the colors as per your choice.

Sports court markings are a very important part of any game. These should be given the same importance as other aspects of the game.

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