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Changing Health Care and What That Means for You

Your physical health is a vitally important part of your quality of life. Access to good healthcare can improve how you feel or even save your life. However, the cost of good care and prescription medications can be an obstacle that many people have difficulty overcoming.

Thankfully, the concern of the public and government to give more people the ways and means to get the care that they need has because more commonplace and a main focus of interest. As things continue to evolve and improve, there are still ways that you can combat the high costs and get yourself and your family the medical attention that you need.

Insurance and Subsidies

Insurance is something that you can purchase to cover or share the costs of many medical treatments, procedures, and prescriptions. It's a great way that you can feel safe and secure, knowing that your family is covered in the event of an emergency or health challenge. Insurance quotes are just as important for healthcare as they are for car insurance, as no plan fits every individual or family. It's best to explore your options and get the advice and guidance of a knowledgeable insurance broker. They can help you find the plan that you need.

When you select a health insurance plan, there are several things you need to look into to calculate the potential overall cost. You will likely need to pay a premium each month to secure your insurance. Each plan varies when it comes to the services that it covers, and which doctors and care centers are included. Before you make your choice, be sure that the places and physicians that you normally go to are included. Your individual plan will tell you which services are fully covered and the ones where you will be responsible for sharing costs. The deductible is another thing to look at. This is the amount of money that you need to spend before your insurance will cover you. The amount will vary and correspond to your monthly premium amount. A higher deductible usually means a lower monthly fee.

If you need regular testing or have an ongoing illness, then the right insurance plan can save you a lot of money.


These days, there are more options than ever that help those who can't afford to purchase their own healthcare get the coverage that they need. If your employee doesn't offer health insurance as a benefit, then you may want to explore these options.

There are some government subsidies available that will either pay your monthly premium, or reduce the costs, if you are under a certain income thresh hold. This is worth looking into and can help to get you into a better plan. Other services are offered by the federal and state governments that offer low cost or free insurance to people, once they reach a certain age, such as Medicare, or to families and individuals with low income. This program is called Medicaid. While state guidelines vary, it's a good choice to consider.


Remote options for care healthcare have recently become available, and even widespread. Remote care is commonly called telehealth, and involves speaking to a provider via phone or video call. This is a popular and an easy way that you can consult with a doctor or caregiver without even leaving the comfort of your home. It's a great option for those that can't travel easily or that just need a follow up with your doctor. You can securely discuss all of your symptoms and concerns and receive advice and instructions for care and any next steps you need to take.

Sometimes a telehealth appointment will still require you to follow up in person if your doctor feels you need bloodwork or testing. Even when this is the case, a remote appointment can help you out faster and save you time.

Remote Records

Many doctors offices and hospitals are now including a patient portal  that allows their patients to log into their facility's website with a username and password to access their own records. You can do this at any time. It's a convenient way to check on past test results and keep up-to-date with your progress and appointment dates. It's also very useful when you want to gather your medical history to take to another provider so your care can be coordinated the best way possible.

Ongoing changes are being made all the time to improve the health care system and get more people covered. Stay informed and take advantage of the services offered to keep yourself in the best health possible.

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