The human body defends itself from external pathogens and diseases with the medium of our immunity system. It shields the body and combats any external interferences. However, the sublime paced lives leave little or no room for self-care. By putting self-care at the backseat, humans are more susceptible to harmful diseases.

Callousness has become ubiquitous and lofty working hours have tipped the scales. In such trying times, Ayurveda emerged as a saviour in restoring this life balance. Ayurvedic immunity boosters aim at reviving the harmony in the body and reclaiming its strength. It is created using natural products and holistically heals the body.

Ayurvedic immunity boosters can combat issues like Rejuvenation,  Emaciation (being abnormally frail and thin),  General Debility (loss of strength),  Chronic Respiratory Tract Infection, Immuno-modulator,  and Premature Senility (ageing at a young age). By acting as a health tonic, it works the body inside out. It is not a temporary fix, but a lifelong practise that aims to harmonise the body's doshas.  These holistic medicines bolster the body's phenomenon to fight external organisms and promote better immunity. Imbibing more wholesome habits will promote overall longevity and good health.


The immune system's role is clearly defined as an institution that protects the body from harmful invaders. The immune system is the human body's defence mechanism which contains white blood cells, lymph nodes, organs, antibodies, and other components. However, a weak immune system is more susceptible to infections and other malaises. These manifestations can be significant or trivial. Some may affect the body since birth, whereas others may appear later.

A vulnerable defence system easily falls prey to pathogens and diseases. These can weaken the human body over time. The most rudimentary display of a compromised immune system is an increased proneness to falling ill. People may find it challenging to treat small infections without medication. Individuals suffering such a fate are more vulnerable to pneumonia, bronchitis, meningitis and skin infections. They may also experience disorders like anaemia, diarrhoea and inflammation of internal organs.

More severe diseases like HIV, cancer, malnutrition and hepatitis may weaken the body for good, causing chronic illnesses among people.


The oldest medicinal system in the world has proven its efficacy time and again. It is revered and followed for centuries now because people have reaped innumerable benefits from its consumption. The world of Ayurveda refers to a robust immunity as Ojas (protection). The process of discerning foreign bodies from healthy cells is known as Tejas. Several factors, like genetics, abusing antibiotics, sedentary lifestyles, poor diet and poor mental health, can influence the body's defence mechanism. Some Ayurvedic tips to take away from are:

1) Refraining from consuming simple sugars in all formats is exceedingly beneficial. High consumption of added sugars can lead to obesity and heart diseases, and increase cancer risk factors.

2) Curbing the consumption of alcohol will entail various benefits. It significantly affects the immune system, steering clear of its consumptions will lower the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

3) Steering clear of processed foods, microwaved foods, carbonated drinks, and canned foods will eliminate the intake of harmful preservatives that mar the efficacy of our immune system.

4) Including Indian spices such as turmeric, cumin, black pepper and coriander are encumbered by countless benefits that promote good health.

5) People must opt for ghee while cooking their food instead of oil. It is embedded with antioxidants, healthy fats and vitamins. It also enhances the absorption of nutrients better into the vegetables.

6) Having timely meals will promote healthy digestion. It is also imperative to include several vegetables and have a balanced meal.


Ayurvedic supplements are organically produced and are remarkably pure. Their consumption can stabilise the body's immunity and prepare it for invading pathogens. It is packed with numerous health benefits and promotes more robust well-being. Commencing the day with a teaspoon of Chyavanprash, followed by drinking herbal tea and ending the day with turmeric milk, advocates good health.


 In conclusion, one must remember that Ayurveda does not manifest instant results. Ayurvedic supplements must be consumed over a period to witness the desired results. Also, by making streamlined life choices, one can shield their immunity and savour in the long run. In the wake of Covid-19, countless people suffered its woes due to poor immunity. Hence, working on enhancing it is a significant step.