Promotional products work very well as advertising agents, but how the companies relay them makes a night and day difference in their performance. Promotional products not only make the company memorable to potential prospects but are also efficient with their utility. But when they are poorly designed, they might do neither, making it a dead investment. Brands must consult with reliable manufacturers like Boost Promotional Products while designing their best promotional products.


These are some of the characteristics they must look out for.

     The usefulness of the product to the Prospects

The key to deciding on the right promotional product for the company is understanding the target demographic or the recipient. As these items are meant for potential clients and customers, knowing who they are and what they might be useful to them can make the decision easier. The company can start by considering the kind of workplace culture they have, their hobbies, their value, their work attire, and any items they may require.


Consider a college conducting promotional campaigns to attract potential students and giving away appreciation gifts to their faculty members for their exemplary performance during the academic year. Both would have the college name and logo, but the products remain different. The teachers might benefit from reusable coffee cups, umbrellas or wine glasses, whereas students might find more use with promotional t-shirts, pens, stress toys, water bottles and caps.


     Compliments the Brand Image and Values

Promotional products act as silent brand ambassadors, like how the social media presence of a company creates a perception of the clients or customers. What the products are, their quality, design, colour and usefulness represent what the company stands for.

For example, a company with a strong focus on sustainability and ethical practice would do well having its promotional items having sustainable properties like reusability, made of jute, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to portray a unified brand image through these promotions to reflect the brand value.


     Value for Money

When companies invest in marketing, they need to ensure that meaningful returns generate from it. This can be about the amount they invest in promotional products, their worth, comparative prices and the clientele growth that they produce. One has to remember that cheaper is not always better. So, what makes for a good value for money product?

Usually, the optimum combination between price, practicality, quality and usefulness, and the merchant's reliability decides this. Boost Promotional Products offer affordable merchandising solutions of the best quality that brands can customise to fit their image.


     The Company Logo and Design Are Visible

The primary purpose of promotional items is to familiarise the users with the company and keep the brand in their vicinity. There is no point in distributing beneficial promotional products to clients and customers if the company logo is not visible.

Trustable suppliers provide the best options with practical branding areas for different sizes that promote the company well. But when the product is small, it is recommended to use the most basic version of the brand logo, without the texts, to ensure visibility. Great products incorporate the logo so that they make it look like a retail brand complementing them.

Companies must always opt for promotional products that create the best and the most impressions on the recipients. In social psychology, it is known as the mere exposure effect. Reusable items like shopping bags, apparel, coffee mugs, umbrellas, water bottles, pens etc., fall under this category. They are extremely useful products that make a good stance for the brand, and they can all be found as a part of the Boost Promotional Products collection.