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Charming Colour Schemes that Define Home Sweet Home!

Amongst all your properties, nothing is more precious than your home! After all, it's the sweetest place on earth for you. That is why you keep renovating it timely and whenever you think of decorating the place, you spend your precious, hard-earned money on the most selected items that you can get for your home. Even when you think of painting it, you are very selective and pick the colour scheme that inspires and impresses you the most.

The best colour schemes for a lovely looking home

A nicely decorated home is a replica of your personality. And especially the paint or the colour that you choose for your home plays a very important role in creating a wonderful ambience in your house. That is why you have to be very selective when you are choosing the colour scheme for your place. Even hiring the best house painters in West Auckland from First Home Services should be called for the job. It’s because only they are the experienced team in the city who tend to do a fantastic painting job in your home regardless of any colour you choose for the place. And if you want some references of some really stunning colour scheme for your home, take a look below:

  • Apple white with brown accents — It’s high time you stopped calling Apple white as dull. It pairs perfectly well with the elegant shades of browns and gold and creates a wonderful canvas for your decoration. Especially, if you are opting for a minimalist or Scandinavian concept, it will look all the more mesmerising and charming. If you are picking some solid wood furniture with warm furnishings in the middle tones of these shades, then you’ll have a perfectly charming ambience in your home.

  • Monochromatic blue colour scheme — Blue is royal, it’s enchanting, and even more - it’s special! So, it won’t be wrong if you dream of a sweet home using blue in the monochromatic theme in your home. Yes, you have the freedom to play with its lighted and darker tone. There is also the glossy blue and pale shade of this colour – it still has the power to make your entire house appear spectacular. Pair it with nice brass, metallic décor trends or simply add white furnishings – the results would be superb!

  • Purple and pink traditional scheme — Purple is sweet, and pinks is admirable! Imagine if these two enter your space! Won’t your home look glamorous and charming? Play with both the tones simultaneously in your home and if possible, add some other lighter tones in between. With glossy polished furniture and soft shades of furnishings, your home would certainly feel welcome the moment you enter it.

  • Green and cream scheme — Green is refreshing, and cream has a distinct richness in it! What else do you need in a home that should look warm and magical? So, pair them elegantly with some wooden furniture and flooring and even fresh greens in the house would make the house look totally stunning.

These colour schemes are enough to melt anyone’s heart and add life to everyone’s home! Let us know which of these you would like in a charming home to make it look and feel sweetest? 

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