Chartered Accountant Jobs: Scope of Career and Job Areas


A professional degree like Chartered accountancy offers huge scope of growth for the aspirants. In a country like India, chartered accountant jobs are very popular and highly sought after. After becoming a CA, the candidate can either start on his own his own CA practice or he can join an organization as an employee. But, in both the options, the future is bright and prosperous.

Why chartered accountant jobs are a good career option?

The scope of Chartered Accountants has been growing rapidly. This is, no doubt, a tough study course and many aspirants fail to complete it. But with hard work and dedication, nothing is impossible. Moreover, it needs lots of patience. Nowadays, students after completion of class 12 can take up CA foundation course after completing CPT.  So aspirants must really work hard to reach their goals of becoming a CA as chartered accountant jobs are indeed a good career options.

  • According to reports, among all the finance-related courses and professions, chartered accountancy is the best.
  • Though a CA degree is sufficient for a good job, yet there is the flexibility of going for higher education like CFA, ICWAI, MBA along with this professional degree
  • There is no constraint on study hours while pursuing a chartered accountancy course. You can study at your own pace as you do not have to go to college to study
  • You get the first-hand experience of practical training while doing this course because Articleship is a mandatory and part of the course curriculum. You need to work in a CA firm while doing articleship.
  • Most chartered accountant jobs are highly prestigious jobs because as CA, you can become tax advisers and consultants for big firms and MNCs. You also end up being an entrepreneur by starting your own CA firm.
  • There is no retirement age for an independent CA. He or she can work as many years as possible. Taking breaks and sabbaticals is also possible in this career and you can make a comeback as an independent CA. You can recruit more CAs and finance professionals under you and develop your clientele base.

List of Chartered Accountant Jobs Opportunities

For those candidates who are not keen to start their own CA firm at the initial stages can look for chartered accountant jobs in various industries and sectors.

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job oppertunities for chartered accountant jobs
  • You can apply for jobs in any Chartered Accountancy firm run by a senior CA professional
  • You can offer your services not only in the banking and finance sector but also in the capital markets
  • You can apply for chartered accountant jobs in the Government sector, public sector organizations and even private sector companies
  • Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India is a recognized board all across the globe. So you can practice in other countries as well.
  • There are lots of job opportunities in the manufacturing sectors as well for CAs
  • A CA can also be a good financial advisor to companies, contribute towards decision making and offer advice on enhancement of profits for the company.

Some of the popular areas for Chartered Accountant jobs include the following:

  • Accounting
  • Concurrent Audit/ Statutory Branch/ Central Statutory Audit of Banks
  • Stock and receivable audit of borrowers/revenue audit/forensic audit of borrowers of bank branches
  • Internal Audit of PSUs, Tax audit, GST Audit
  • Statutory audit of micro, small, medium and large enterprises
  • Direct and Indirect Tax Practice
  • Preparation of Credit Monitoring and Appraisal data
  • Preparation of Audit Manual, Accounting Manual, Budget manual, etc for clients
  • Share Valuation / Business valuation
  • Management consultancy  and many more