Cheap Commercial Vinyl Flooring Is The Best For Your New Office!


Looking for budget-friendly options for your new office’s floor? Cheap commercial vinyl flooring is the best choice for you. Available in numerous designs and qualities it is easy on the budget, pleasing to the eyes, durable and comes at affordable prices even. Made out of predominantly plastic and other materials vinyl is available to cater to different budgets. There is cheap vinyl and there is high-end vinyl too. Where the cheap one is well able to imitate natural materials, the high-quality vinyl looks aesthetically pleasing and offers more benefits.

An office is a space which needs to be aesthetically pleasing and the materials used in it should be very durable. As compared to residential properties, offices face far more heavy foot traffic and wear and tear hence the material being used in it should look good and should be able to withstand these harsh factors. The versatility of vinyl allows it to be used in dry areas and wet as well. It is not waterproof, but its water resistant and is able to effectively keep your subfloor dry and free from moisture. It can be used in areas that are prone to getting wet a lot like bathrooms and kitchens.

Because its installation is a fairly easy process and it is very real to life appearance can fool even an expert, it can be used on walls as well. Imagine the lobby or reception area of your company with matching walls and floors.

Here are some ideas for you to go with to better the aesthetics of your business with vinyl.

All white

certain businesses like a doctor’s clinic or a bridal dresses shop require a very clean and crisp look. There is scope for the color to be incorporated but white or ivory works best. In the lobby imagine your area whitewashed in the most luminous white. It is not hard to walk on, looks brilliant, the walls match the floors and it did not put a dent in your wallet. That is how vinyl enhances the appearance of any space. The vinyl you chose was a simple tile style and it most certainly looks exactly like a meticulous tile finish too.


In a boutique or a designers shop, the aesthetic for the most part is strived to be very regal and expensive. Imagine your clothing racks on an ivory natural stone print with yellow lights. The studio space will look luxurious without having to spend a lot of money and will be able to host clothes of any color and design without contrasting.


If your company is corporate or just another business which has room for experimental design then you most definitely can incorporate black tile style vinyl or black and white vinyl which gives the appearance of natural stone. In a lobby, the floors need to be gleaming at all times and cheap commercial vinyl flooring will definitely be able to make maintenance very easy. Not only black and white, throw in a big strip of red behind the receptionist to give a more artsy and fun vibe.