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KBC or Kon Banega Carorpati is a television series that won the hearts of billions of Indians in 2000. The show is a competition or a quiz program that is based on the UK version of “Who wants to be a Millionaire.” The show actually raised to fame in the Indian Middle class houses because of its massive price winnings. In the first few seasons the winners were able to take back home the price amounting in almost 1 crore INR. This type of massive money was something that was unheard of in the Indian television history ever before. There are many reality shows in the region that are running on regional levels. However, KBC is the first show in the Indian television history that has offered such massive prize money. Since the makers of this show were able to invite a host who is also a mega star in the Bollywood industry namely Amitabh Bachan. The ratings of the show reached sky-high limits and break all viewership records.

The KBC Mega Television Run

The format of the show is pretty simple and it only requires the users to enter into the competition through P.O. Box registration process. The selected contestants were then given the choice to enter into a final selection round where they are allowed to compete against other finalist through a process of rapid elimination. This method made the selection process very neutral and merit based. The general impression among people was that they would be able to make headlines in the media if they get a chance to get selected on the hot seat and make a run at the big prize money. The concept of having big money accessible to every single Indian citizen helped the show become the media highlight of the decade. However, due to the absence of Internet the people were not able to gather a lot of access to the show.

After the 11th season the internet facilities had become commonplace in most Indian states. Now every person had a mobile phone, an internet connection, and a SIM card at their disposal. Now that these things are done the people of the India were able to participate in a digital rendition of the show. The Jio network made it possible for the residents of the south Asian nation to play a lottery through their mobile phones. Only the people who are nationals of the India were able to take part in this lottery. The users have to register their number with the network website and gaming links and wait for the confirmation of their registration. Through process of automated selection many people of India have been able to enter into this contest and win big. The name of the top KBC winner 2021 is not just one person but multiple people.

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The good news is that everyone belonging to any network can register for becoming eligible for winning the said lottery. The season 12 of the televised KBC version was cancelled due to the health issues of the celebrity host and mega start of the Bollywood industry Amitabh Bachan. However, in retrospect the rise of the internet has also decrease the interest of people in television. Today, most people are using online applications and streaming services. Therefore, it would be better to provide the users a platform from where they can keep making big wins and still make a name for themselves. The story of the first ever winner of mega prize of 1 crore INR also inspired a Hollywood flick.

The film by the name of Slumdog Millionaire ended up making a massive impression on the minds of international audiences and also helped out the young winner who was preparing for civil services exams at the moment. On the other hand, the film also managed to bag the academy award and it further contributed to making the game show more popular among high and low ranks in India. Over the time, it proved that more seasons kept making a lot of money for their viewers. Today, with the help of digital Jio network lottery any one can become the next KBC winner 2021.


It should be noted that the participants of the lottery has to be older than 18 years to make sure that their entry is accepted. One issue with this lottery is that many fraud schemes have started to run free in the country. There are many con artists who are running fraud schemes to thug their users and rob them of their money. The simple fact is that the number is not automatically selected by the users. This number is selected by the users who actually initiate the registration process on their own. The total amount of prize money for a single jio head office is upto 25 lakhs in Indian currency.