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Check the Best Ways to Use Black Paint in Your Interior Décor - (Oh Yes, We Said Interiors!)

Black is beauty, passion, and an ultimate benchmark in the realm of colours! No other colour can challenge its power, regalia, and the distinct sheen this colour has! No matter which kind of finish you opt for – matte or glossy – black carries it with elan. Such is the power of black! But why is this colour treated as a taboo? Especially in home décor, they say using black in decorating your home, especially the interiors, is a risk! And we are still scratching our heads to understand the reason behind it. The colour black holds no risk, believe us! It looks the most captivating thing in any home décor design and has the capability to spruce up its surrounding glamorously. And if you are using it as paint, then wait for the charisma!

 the Best Ways to Utilise Black Paint in Interior Décor!

The recent enticing photo shoots and advertisements appearing in magazines and internet have broken this taboo against black considerably, but you would rarely find black paint being used in the interiors. Exteriors yes, painting the roof in this shade or the fences black is still accepted. But suggesting a room that is black is still testing troubled waters. So today, let’s check out the ways how black can be welcomed for interior designs gracefully and create the best impression you could imagine!

    • Black as doors and windows — Still frightened of black? No issues! Try painting your doors and windows black for a start. A room with light hues like beige, white or pale pastels would look out of the world when its doors and windows are painted with a glossy black shade. Wait for the magic to happen when you complement it with silver or chrome (or golden for a bling) handles and knobs. Oh, and don’t forget to accentuate them with luxurious drapes!

    • Black as accent walls —Are you super impressed with the above pep talk? Then, simply coat your accent wall with black with the help of good house painters. In Auckland, FQS Painters are the best in any kind of painting job as their strokes speak of perfection and expertise in this field. See how heads turn with this black focal wall! Add drama with some stencilling on the wall or by using some silver frames. Even mirrors would work wonders against a black wall with a strategic placement of light fixture to create a moody magical touch.

    • Black as ceiling — Yes, you read it right! We always heard of white ceilings —time to break that myth. A black ceiling with ornamental moulding would immediately make your room look glamorous. Make the black glossy if you want to reflect light (say, in a study) or go for matte finish if you want the room to exude an aura of mystery (say, media room). 


These perfect places for black in your interiors are surely going to entice you. So, let’s shed the doubts and give this dramatic shade a try the next time you renovate your home. And if you feel inspired enough, an entire library or powder room surrounded by black walls, intelligently accentuated with proper furniture, furnishings and lightings, would make your home décor stand apart from any other. Isn’t that what we all want? To make our own mark in our home?! Create that signature style with the brave black!

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