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Checklist for Identifying Commercial Asbestos

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Most of you have heard about asbestos and how it can cause large scale health issues for people exposed to it. However, very few of you know exactly what asbestos is in reality. It is one of the groups of six naturally occurring fibrous minerals that are composed of needle-like and thin fibers. If you are exposed to asbestos it can cause various types of diseases and cancers, such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. It is true that asbestos helps to strengthen and also fireproof materials. However, it is banned in several countries across the globe.

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Checklist to Help You Identify Commercial Asbestos

If you run your own business and wish to buy a commercial property to expand some of your business operations, it is important that you check for asbestos presence in the property. This can easily be determined with the help of a checklist.

  • Find out When the Building Was Constructed: It is important for you to remember that asbestos was widely used in building constructions before the year 1980. By the time the ban on asbestos was imposed, a number of building materials were stockpiled that were later recycled and stored. These were used to construct buildings after the 1980s. Thus, it may be possible that the commercial property that you have purchased may have asbestos to some extent. Thus, better get it checked before you shift your operations within the property.
  • Find Out the Materials Used to Construct the Property: It will not be a bad idea to try and find out about the materials that were used to build the commercial property that you have purchased. It should be made of cement sheets, steel, timer, brick, and various other materials. However, if it was made with cement sheets, then there is a great possibility that it may contain asbestos fibers that were bonded with cement particles.
  • Conduct A Walkthrough Inspection to Find Asbestos: It will not be a bad idea to give a detailed inspection of the property of all the buildings and structures that may include cellars, rooms, wall cavities, storage areas, and shafts. You better get all the materials checked for presence of asbestos is you fail to identify it, or you are doubtful that it may contain asbestos or it is not able to be accessed. It is important for you to know that findings and experience of similar sections of other similar buildings or the same building will prove to be helpful.
  • Hire Experienced People To Identify Asbestos: If you hire someone to inspect asbestos or determine the risks involved and to come up with proper control measures, then you will have to hire someone who is really experienced in this field. The person should be able to find out the different materials may either be friable or non-friable and to evaluate the condition. He should also have proper experience, training, and knowledge in identifying asbestos in different materials and to be able to determine suitable risks and controls. He should also be familiar with various building and construction practices.


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