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Checklist for Window Replacement in Ottawa

As a rule, window replacement will take place only once or twice in your home's lifespan. However, we realized that for many homeowners in Ottawa, getting new windows might be quite challenging since it requires an extensive decision-making process and research. 

But what if we tell you we have done these for you? Oh yes, we have! Moreover, our team contacted Ecoline, window replacement experts in Ottawa, and together we’ve created this checklist for our readers. Interested? Keep reading.

Choose the Right Window Style

The first thing you may wish to check off on your list is which of the many available window styles will be perfect for your home. Every window style has its special qualities. Some are known for their unique functionality, while others are known for their aesthetic beauty. 

Hence, different window styles will serve certain rooms in your home better than others. Curious to find out more about window styles? Here are some popular window designs, their functions, qualities and why they may be best for your home.

  •  Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the most familiar window styles in Ottawa. They are designed with large glass panes that allow maximum ventilation and daylight into your home. The vertical margins of the window securely hold the hinges, which allow its panes to open up all the way.

Also, casement windows have very tight seals that securely hold the window on all four sides. This feature provides enhanced security for your home and good energy efficiency. Casement windows are also known for their versatility in style. Hence, they can complement any architectural design. 

  •   Awning Windows

Awning windows are quite similar to casement units. The difference is that their hinge is mounted at the top, which causes the window to open outward. It is perfect for when you want to maximize airflow without bringing in other seasonal debris or rainfall.

Frequently, they are paired with wide picture windows to allow room for ventilation. They are also perfect if you love to enjoy an unobstructed outdoor view. However, it is not advisable to install awning windows near traffic areas or even on walkways as they can block traffic. 

  •  Picture Windows

Do you want to showcase your beautiful outdoor scenery and, at the same time, let in more light into your home? Then consider using picture windows. They are non-operational windows with visible glasses designed to let in light. They often come in rectangular or square shapes with huge panes that are stationary and fixed to the wall. 

Picture windows are great for rooms or areas where the need for light and aesthetic beauty override the need for airflow. Moreover, they are more energy-efficient than most operable windows.

  • Sliding Windows

Sliders open by moving sideways on a track. Its window shutters have roller bearings that allow it to move about on its frame. Just like casement and awning windows, sliding windows are perfect for when you want to enjoy a clear view. Its sashes are designed to allow sufficient ventilation into your home.

Sliding windows have little or no mechanical parts except for a lock situated at the ends of both margins. Its seals are also basic, making it less energy efficient. This is why they are often used as egress windows in basements, on a counter, or sink.

  • Hung windows

This is perhaps one of the most popular window styles in Ottawa. Hung windows come in two types- single-hung and double-hung windows. Single-hung windows are designed with lower sashes that are moveable and upper sashes that are fixed. 

On the other hand, double-hung windows are composed of two perpendicularly arranged panels. These are often called sashes and can slide up and down. With the moveability of both sashes, double-hung windows provide good ventilation into the home. Likewise, they are quite easy to clean and maintain.

Go With the Right Frame

Another essential point for window replacement in Ottawa is selecting the right window frame materials. There are different types of window frames, and each has its pros and cons. This includes:

  • wood
  • aluminum
  • composite
  • fiberglass
  • vinyl and others

Our top choice is vinyl for very obvious reasons. Vinyl window frames are made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Due to their versatile designs, it is the go-to option for homeowners who want aesthetic window frame designs that will match their home's style. It is a good insulator and is impervious to corrosion, insects, and moisture. Vinyl windows are also affordable and easy to maintain.

Make Sure to Purchase Energy-Efficient Units 

Do you want to keep your monthly or annual utility bills low? Then, make sure you go for energy-efficient windows. Drafty windows cause you to spend more money on heating. 

In this industry, the most reputable standard you can trust when it comes to energy efficiency is the Energy Star rating. If the units you buy are labelled and approved by this organization, they have undergone many tests and certifications, meaning they will not let you down if your goal is to cut on energy bills. These units will help to keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

Plan Your Window Replacement According to Your Budget

A good consideration to make when going for a window replacement is your budget. A good window will cost you money. But treat this as a long-term investment since if everything is done well, you won't need to worry about your units for the next 25-30 years. To make it easier for you to understand prices, look at the table below that represents the most popular window styles in Ottawa and their typical price range.

Awning, $Casement, $Picture, $Single Hung, $Slider, $
Ottawa493 - 1161523 - 953355 - 2088541 - 1093328 - 1637

Source: Ecoline Windows Ottawa

Hire a Reputable Window Replacement Company 

One of the most critical points when looking for window replacement is to hire a reliable window company. You should deal only with professional installers, who, with their expertise and skills, will ensure that your windows are meticulously and correctly replaced.

Not sure of how to find the right company? It's simple. Here are a few tips:

  • Check online reviews. The company you prefer should have vast experience with projects similar to yours.
  • Make sure to check that your window company follows CSA guidelines and your local building codes.
  • Ask whether their products are Energy Star rated and NAFS-11 tested.
  • Request a warranty and go through it attentively. It should cover all possible issues that might arise with your units and last at least 20 years.
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