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Chemistry the Central Science


Everything that is involving our daily lives is connected with Chemistry. The blue sky which we can see over our head is related to Chemistry. The food which you had for lunch today that also involves Chemistry. The air which we breathe is also Chemistry. Chemistry is involved both in the natural and artificial worlds. It is the link between all the components of the physical sciences. That’s why it is often known as the central science. Well Miracle Learning Centre, the top Chemistry Tuition in Singapore is here to give you a look at the things of our daily lives in which Chemistry has a huge part to play.

Biological Science

Every living thing in this world is composed of several Chemical combinations. When chemicals react, they can create and transport energy. They can also shrink, grow, and divide. These chemical reactions are the science that lies behind the way the organisms respond and breathes to stimuli and reproduces. Plants comprise several compounds and elements like water, oxygen, and several vitamins and nutrients which their roots gather in the soil.  Plants get involved in the Photosynthesis process which can convert water and CO2 into oxygen with the help of sunlight.

Archeology and geology

Rocks are also comprised of the tiny building blocks of life which are atoms. In Chemistry, you will be studying the atoms within the individual molecule for getting a much better understanding of function and structures. Chemistry is used by geologists for determining the composition of minerals, rocks, and soil. They can tell us about how rocks and minerals can interact with the environment and with each other. This can also be used for determining how geologic temperature and pressure affect minerals and rocks for predicting several transformations and reactions. For understanding chemistry, it becomes possible for dating artifacts which are found in archeological digs. Several artifacts like bones, pottery, and textiles are porous. Which means that they can easily trap molecules and make the degrading much slower. Chemistry has a huge role to play while the restoration and preservation of archeological artifacts.

Medicinal Sciences

The way of regulating our body’s health lies within balanced Chemical Reactions. As everything in our body happens due to Chemical reactions, an understanding of Chemistry is ideal for understanding the body. Certain illnesses and diseases can be identified very easily and treated with pace using chemical compounds. We also take some medicinal drugs for mending certain ailments are creates with the help of several Chemical processes. Almost all the over-the-counter medicines are mixtures of Chemicals which can prevent virus and bacteria from entering our body.

Chemistry in our everyday life –

We often think that how somethings are working in the way it is supposed to but most of our answers lie with Chemistry. It is present all around us.

  •  Love – When you are having head over heels feelings for someone, a mixture of chemicals is released in your body which affects the way you feel and act. The chemicals present in the brain like serotonin and dopamine offers the euphoric feeling you get when you spend time with your significant other.
  • Smoking – Over 60 carcinogenic compounds together creates tobacco. These compounds like ammonia and carbon monoxide are toxic. The addictive alkaloid nicotine is absorbed via the nose, skin, and mouth which increases the output of dopamine and leaves a false pleasure feeling.
  • Gasoline – The fuel we use to drive to our workplace, school, office, or market is a combination of over 100 hydrocarbons.
  • Cooking – The kitchen can be defined as an emporium of Chemistry. Cooking involves a wide combination of ingredients that needs to be applied heat or cold for working with them for producing a delicious meal. When you study several methods of cooking, you get an understanding of how several temperatures and conditions can result in several textures and flavors.
  • Clothing – The shirt which you are wearing right now is a product of Chemical reactions. Several chemical dyes turn each of the fabric into different colors. Certain materials will also protect you from the cold, keep you cool, and can even stretch you while you move. All thanks to Chemistry.

Without any relevance to where you go or what you do, Chemistry is always there around you and it is important for you as s subject not just for the academics, but also for your life. Join Miracle Learning Centre, the best chemistry tuition in Singapore where students can learn the toughest chapters of Chemistry with comfort and ease from the leading teachers of Singapore. Join us today to clear all your doubts and get the best knowledge that you have always wanted to have from our super-friendly teachers who will make the entire learning process fun and exciting for you.

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