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China- FMGE/MCI passing ratio and PG options after MBBS

Over the years, China has emerged as a very prominent destination for Medical aspirants as an option to pursue an MBBS respected and recognized everywhere. The Chinese government regards its Medical Universities as a great means to spread knowledge and gain monetarily in the process.

If you aspire to become a ‘medico’, you need to keep one thing in your mind. A plain MBBS in China is not sufficient.  If you are an Indian, you have the right to practice Medicine after simple MBBS which is an exception as in Europe, USA, and other developed nations, you need to have a Masters’ to actually to treat a patient.

In India, though an ordinary MBBS can practice, her earnings will be ‘peanuts’ as compared to someone who has done a PG. Bottom line? A plain MBBS is not good enough. For a good career you have to do your Medical PG.

This is where things get tricky for Indians. In India, getting a seat in a government Medical PG program is a really tough nut to crack. The erstwhile NEET – PG, now called NExT, is really tough and the competition is humungous. At the same time, doing a private Medical PG is astoundingly expensive.

Similarly, in China, getting a seat in Medical PG requires you to be an expert in Mandarin, the Chinese language. Now, for one, Mandarin is popularly accepted to be ‘the toughest’ language to learn. Learning it is hard, so, it is easy to imagine what ‘being an expert’ in Mandarin means! So, what options does an Indian student studying Medicine in China have for doing her PG? Moksh Educon proceeds to make your path visible for you.

One option would be to come back to India. Here, one will have to appear in NExT (the erstwhile NEET - PG) and achieve a seat by featuring in the top 2%! Doing the math is easy! Let’s break it down. Here’s a NEET aspirant, who could not score high enough to feature in the top 5%, now competing with those Indian doctors who have featured in the top 5% to be one among the top 2%. What’s the probability?

Now coming to the options that are feasible! The option of doing Medical PG from the US of A is like music to an aspiring medico’s ears. Now, here’s one qualification that no Medical council or board in the world dares to challenge. You can judge the impact of the qualification from the fact that a Medical PG from the US of A does not even have to appear in the NExT for practicing in India. With Moksh Educon’s unique USMLE program, it becomes very easy for an MBBS student to hope to clear the USMLE steps, do Medical PG from the US and create her dream career in the US, in India or anywhere in the world.

An easier option would be to choose to pursue Medical PG from the great nation of Germany. There is a glitch, if living in a developed country like Germany can be called that. Yeah, after doing your Medical PG from Germany, you will have to stay in Germany and practice there. This is so because the Medical PG in Germany is in German and not in English which makes it ‘not to be recognized’ for the NMC in India (erstwhile MCI). However, the kind of money you make in Germany and the kind of life Germany offers, much more than makes up for what you lose.

Careers, nowadays, whether in Medicine or elsewhere, requires planning. If you are serious about a career in Medicine you seriously need to plan everything till PG.

Don’t worry! Moksh Educon exists!

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