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Why China Weight Indicator Should Be Trusted For Accuracy

Measuring the weight of goods is an integral part of any commercial activity. It is an important exercise that helps both the buyer and seller to get specific quantity of material and the right value for money.

Benefits of weight measurement

Precision: Precise information about the weight of an object is an important parameter to know the exact quantity you have paid for.

Quality: In the manufacturing process of commodities, the right mix of ingredients is essential to bring about the desired quality. For example, in a pharmaceutical industry or research laboratory, precise measurement of the weight of input(s) has a bearing on the output. If the measurement is not precise, the chances of ensuring the effectiveness of the output (read medicine) become less.

Control: After coming to know of the accurate weight of an object or living beings, the concerned person can take informed decisions. For example, if the weighing scale gives a wrong reading of a person the physician attending to him or her might be misled into making a wrong diagnosis.

Better revenue: As the precise measurement of weight has a bearing on the quality of output, it increases trust in the end customers. And should customers have a greater trust in your product they will end up buying more of it. This would mean garnering better revenue for the company.

This calls for using quality certified weight indicators that you can reply on instinctively. However, given the presence of many players in the market getting the right one can be a challenge. So, what needs to be done? How to ensure quality?

To arrive at the answer you should consider three parameters.

  • Experience of the manufacturer
  • Quality certification of products
  • Range of products
  • Backup support and service
  • Cost effectiveness

The company that rightly fits into the above parameters is HiWEIGH from China for the following reasons.

  • Has been manufacturing weighing scales and balances for over 18 years
  • Most products are built according to the stringent quality parameters as required for certification by OIML/NTEP metrology. The company has in its inventory test weights with ISO17025 standard and a number of scales that comply with OIML and NTEP standard.
  • Builds precision scales of all types catering to a large number of industries with an accuracy that ranges from 0.1mg to the big weighbridges with a capacity of 200 ton
  • The products are competitively priced

The China weight indicators manufactured by HiWEIGH are of various types depending on their usage. These have been categorised under series such as K, X, and Y respectively.

Standard features of a China weight indicator (a few given below)

  • Protection under IP54, IP65, IP64, IP67, IP68, and IP69K (specific to indicators). These IP codes from IEC provide info on the degree of protection offered against dust, water, and accidental contact. Its European equivalent is EN60529
  • Stainless steel bracket or body for increased strength and rough handling
  • Backlit FSTN LCD or LED display
  • RS232 interface, which means these can be connected to any of the computer serial ports


The presence of indicators in weighing systems has many ramifications. It is thus important to source them from a quality source like HiWEIGH to ensure consistent accuracy.

Avail a number of quality certified China weighing terminals for industries such as food processing, laboratory solutions, livestock farming, manufacturing and transport, medical and health, and stores and supermarket. The China weighing terminal of HiWEIGH is backed by OIML/NTEP certified load cells.
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