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You are most likely here because you are an individual that is driven to find clarity and peace of mind. We know that clarity of which you seek, is composed of solutions to the physical pain or discomfort that you are currently suffering from. What if we told you that the answer to your pain resided in chiropractic care? It is normal to feel skeptical about trying something new, especially if it means submitting your body onto it.

Nonetheless, chiropractic care is a safe, effective, and specialized form of medicine that is guaranteed to provide you with the results you need. We kindly ask you to stick around for a detailed article explaining why chiropractic care in Pompano Beach is the answer for your problems. We will analyze areas of pain, underlying conditions, and chiropractic benefits. Stay tuned!  

Sets of pain

Knee pain is one of the most common ailments that affects millions of Americans annually. When you suffer from knee pain, you’ll notice a substantial decrease of productivity throughout your daily routines.

You may ask yourself- Why is this happening to me? Well, there are several factors. One of them being a possible immediate injury. Whether you had an accident, played a contact sport, or exercised too hard, we will have to categorize this as an injury to the knee. Physical trauma can cause inflammation in the joints, limiting your range of mobility. Other injuries include sprained joints, weak muscle tissue, or fractures.

Neck pain can be caused by several factors, including poor posture and sleeping habits. Many times, we forget that our neck motion enables us to do the simplest of tasks. For that reason, we must be careful in how we carry our posture. Our spinal cord also dictates a substantial amount of influence regarding health. If the pain is not taken care of, several complications can follow. Common symptoms include the following:



     Sharp pain

     Radiating discomfort

Back pain just like knee pain, is fairly similar to knee pain in terms of its tendency to stem from forced injury. However, age related conditions also make a profound effect in terms of enduring constant pain in the area. This is because of the amount of pressure and general force we submit our shoulder joints and vertebrae to throughout our lifetime.

For that reason, by the time we reach our mid 50s, the wear and tear on these two body parts will be very apparent. The truth of the matter is that when we do reach that point, our joints will not respond in the same way they did when we were 18 or 25. Many times, people fail to understand this fact, and they thus subject themselves to repetitive motions that will only further aggravate their injuries. 

Enter chiropractic care

As we mentioned before, the advantage of chiropractic care relies on its proven method to deliver results. Why may you ask? Simple, it is because this form of alternative medicine targets its practice in seeking to identify the underlying cause that is triggering your bodily discomfort. A trained chiropractor will therefore thoroughly examine your body in order to find the culprit creating your pain.

These are following possible conditions that can be treated by chiropractic care:

     Muscle or ligament strain: to fix this, a chiropractor might decide to perform a deep tissue massage to improve the muscle injury. For the ligaments, a forced manual adjustment can be used to decrease the stiffness within the shoulder blade.

     A misaligned vertebrae: chiropractors will utilize a common spinal manipulation to relieve any pressure within the spinal cord, and ultimately realign the bone to improve posture, reduce inflammation, and increase general mobility around the area.

     Regarding the knees, more adjustments focused on rehabilitating the ability to move the joint will be necessary. It is crucial to reduce the inflammation, and make sure that there isn't any liquid within the knee as it could further complicate things.

Now that you are more educated on the physiological facts regarding your possible injuries, we hope that you will make the right decision regarding your health. Chiropractic care in Pompano Beach will provide you with the necessary care so that you can return to your old self again once and for all.

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