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Chocolate Whipped Cream Is Easy When You Do It This Way!

Do not get this wrong: we are not going to make a chocolate ganache. This is the actual whipped cream that we are going to make. Chocolate whipped cream is present in some chocolate flavored cakes or muffins, and in some cold sweet drinks as well. It can also be used on top of almost any kind of dessert that you would imagine, especially if its flavor is not contrasting to the taste of chocolate.

Most premium chocolate whipped creams even taste a bit like dark chocolate to retain the goodness of cocoa, rather than making it too sweet. Though some may make it taste like milk chocolate, which is much preferable for kids, especially if they can spray it straight from a whipped cream charger. For sure you will love to apply chocolate whipped cream on anything made from chocolates.

If you are craving to have this at home, then good thing you came to the right page! In this article, you are going to learn how to make chocolate whipped cream, as well as an extra tip later by the end of this article. Making chocolate whipped cream is just as easy as making classic whipped cream. There is just one more ingredient that you need to add to the list, and one step for the sake of making it perfectly chocolatey!

Chocolate Whipped Cream Ingredients

To get started, here are the ingredients that you need to prepare first:

l 4 cups heavy cream

l 1 cup confectioners’ sugar or powdered sugar

l 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

l 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional; only if you want to give it a milk chocolate flavor)

Some would prefer to add more cocoa powder to the whipped cream mixture they want their whipped cream to have a dark chocolate flavor. The vanilla extract is only an optional ingredient for this guide since I prefer tasting the cacao within the cream. But if you have kids at home, for sure they would love to have that vanilla extract added for a treat they’re oh-so-familiar with.

As for the utensils needed for this guide, all you need to have are measuring cups to ensure that you’re placing the right amount of ingredients, particularly when measuring the amount of cocoa powder. You can use a whisk, but a mixer is much preferable as it’s more efficient to use. Lastly, you need a large bowl to put all those ingredients and make sure they would not go to waste as you mix through the ingredients. If you want to by a couple of chocolate flavours and cream so visit us in online store Midday Squares. There are just a few bit of procedures that will be altered to achieve the chocolate-flavoured whipped cream.

Preparing The Chocolate Whipped Cream

The steps are very easy and should give you no worries at all. Remember, you will find this very easy to do if you already know how to make plain whipped cream. There are just a few bit of procedures that will be altered to achieve the chocolate-flavored whipped cream. Here are the following.

1. Sift the cocoa powder, and then the confectioners’/powdered sugar using waxed paper in a separate bowl. Mix them once sifted. This makes sure that the sugar and cocoa will remain together once mixed. This process avoids any bitter and sweet areas on the whipped cream mixture. Also, the sifting process makes the two powders easier to blend with the cream upon whipping.

2. Place the heavy cream in the large bowl, and then start whipping the cream using your mixer or whisk. While whipping the cream, apply the sifted cocoa powder and sugar. Be sure not to stop because the cream will just go back to liquid form, and will force you to repeat all over. If you feel like the cream looks foamy, then you are good to go. An estimate of 4 to 5 minutes of mixing must be done to achieve the consistency of the chocolate whipped cream.

For Stabilizing The Chocolate Whipped Cream

As promised, the extra tip is about stabilizing the chocolate whipped cream. If you want to make its foaminess more consistent so then it can last longer, try to add cornstarch as you whip the cream before adding the sifted cocoa-sugar powder mixture. This ensures that the cream will remain its appearance, which is perfect for designing cakes and other pastries with chocolate whipped cream. At least 1 tbsp cornstarch will do. If you think the mixture might get less sweet due to the cornstarch, then add at least a teaspoon of powdered sugar. 

Now you know how to make chocolate whipped cream, it’s best to give it a try now. The ingredients are so easy to find in your nearest supermarket, and it’s not that pricey as well. If you don’t want to use cocoa, you can melt some chocolate and add it to the whipped cream as you mix it. It’s so simple and so fun, you might start to make it every time you feel like indulging yourself over some chocolatey sweets.

You can easily whip cream including this chocolate whipped cream using a whipped cream dispenser and cream chargers. They make whipping cream so much quicker and easier and it always comes out perfect. You may not be able to find them at your local supermarket but you can purchase them from online stores like Nitrous Whip or Power Whip and have them delivered direct to your door. They are generally not expensive and simple to use. Another benefit it that the nitrous oxide in the cream chargers helps keep the whipped cream fresh longer as it has an anti-bacterial effect on the cream.

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