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How to Choose a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - Step By Step Guide

Have you ever cleaned your house using a normal upright vacuum cleaner? The answer must be a yes. But no matter how popular these traditional vacuum cleaners are. You will always find it difficult to use in some circumstances. This is the reason why manufacturers have invented the handheld vacuum cleaners.These vacuum cleaners can sort out many of your problems. Two of the highest problems are the limited length of electric wire and the considerably bigger size of the old school vacuums that you use.

The handheld vacuums can be used in many inconvenient areas where your bigger vacuum cannot reach. The places can be the staircase of your home or the bottom portion of your cupboard. And to be quite frank, finding the best handheld vacuum cleaners can be a difficult code to break. But we have found the most simple and easiest steps which can breakdown your purchase process into a basic procedure and find the best handheld vacuums.

So without any further delay, let’s jump into the steps that we have compiled for you.

Know your budget:

Of course, the same old tip to buy anything you want. You must be well-familiar to what your financial range is. Once you know where you stand financially, you can then search for the models that fall into your budget range. There will be some handheld vacuums on the market, which will provide you withnumerous features. The more features you wantfrom your handheld vacuum cleaner, the more you have to spend.

But there are some lesser known brands which offer vacuum cleaners on a lesser price with a few but essential features. The details of handheld vacuum cleaner brands can be found on the internet.

Do initial research:

The initial research during the buying process can avoid the inconvenience at the time of usage. There are hundreds of features that you will encounter while using the handheld vacuums. But the summary of the most important features which you must look into are:

  • Battery life:

It is not rocket science that your handheld vacuum will run on a battery. Any device which runs on a battery should have a battery life which is long enough to help you complete your task. For the handheld vacuums, the ideal battery life is anything above 30 minutes.

You must also consider the recharge time. The lesser the recharge time, the lesser would be the stoppage between your tasks.

  • Weight:

As we mentioned earlier, one of the major reasons behind the usage of handheld vacuum is its weight and size. The weight of the models which you will find in the market will normally vary between 0.7kg and 2.3kg. Most of the models will weight 1.5kg.

We would advise you to lift the vacuum before buying it and see if the model is light enough to use.

  • Dust capacity:

The dust capacity goal must be to buy a cleaner which can store a larger amount of dust in it. The vacuum cleaner with more dust capacity can lessen the “emptying gaps” between the cleaning tasks.

  • Attachments:

The attachments which you will receive with your vacuum will be completely subjective to your needs. You can buy a vacuum cleaner with a hose to reach the narrowest of places.

Likewise, a crevices cleaning attachment can be used to clean the staircases, while a brush role can help with your need to clean a carpet. There isa guide on attachments available for the newbies.

  • Operation and maintenance:

Buy a handheld vacuum which is easy to use and user-friendly. Complexities in operation will do nothing but frustrate you at the end. The other factor which you should consider is the maintenance program and package provided by the supplier or the manufacturer.

Consider the flooring:

The flooring on which you will use the handheld vacuum is one of the major components to consider while buying it. If the flooring is a normal one then surely go for a basic handheld vacuum. But the carpets and another similar flooring will require a massive pull, which a handheld vacuum cannot provide. So look for a handheld vacuum with a brush-role or use an upright vacuum for such flooring.

Know the dust:

The dust particles or dirt that you are dealing with has a direct impact on the kind of attachments which you will get with your vacuum. If you are going to pick the pet hair from your floor, then the brush-roll is a compulsory component to help you pick the hair up. If you are using the vacuum to clean your shop, then a larger nozzle will be relevant to suck the larger particles from the floor. A regular dust cleaning will require an ordinary brush with a medium sized nozzle.

Prefer a local supplier:

Buying stuff on the internet might feel convenient, but the major issue lies with the false expectations that the products create. If possible, visit a local supplier to buy the handheld vacuum cleaner and test your vacuum before signing the invoice.

Finding the defect:

Once you buy the vacuum, start it on the first day. Run it on all of its paces and make sure that it works perfectly. If you face any problem, then the supplier might repair it or replace it.

Remember that there are products within every production center, which is defected. The manufacturers book a provision to compensate the consumers who buy the defected goods. So there is no shame in claiming a refund or a replacement.

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