Choose a Luxury Yacht Trip and Experience Sailing in the Top Few Places in Dubai


Capture the Essence of Sailing in Dubai

In the last two decades, Dubai has risen from barren desert land to one of the liveliest cities in the world. A vibrant urban cosmopolitan, the city is a captivating blend of multiple cultures and lifestyles from around the world. Be its high-rise buildings, flashy shopping malls or mind-blowing infrastructure and well-connected transport facility there is no scarcity of urban amenities in Dubai. Its pristine sunny beaches, rich cultures, heritage monuments, adventurous venues, family-centric attractions, vast patches of sands and endless stretches of deep blue Arabian Gulf, makes it a paradise for vacationers. The city is a magnificent concoction of traditional and modern lifestyle. Amidst all this, when you get an opportunity to experience a luxury yacht tour in Dubai, you will get to cherish the true essence of this Emirate of the UAE.



Here in this post, we will talk about the five most significant destinations that will make your yacht rental trip in Dubai the most memorable one. 

The Dubai Marina

Witness the elegance of Dubai Marina as you gush through the canal, taking glimpses of the most well-designed boulevards of the Emirate. Also, use this opportunity to experience the panoramic view of the city and its fascinating and dazzling skyline. While your luxury yacht pushes further, you would see several lifestyle developments and leisure time venues on either side of the canal. It will also include fine dining restaurants, hospitality centres and retail shops. If you want to capture the best view of the Dubai Marina, try booking your trip during the night time, when the place truly shimmers in style.   

The Palm Jumeirah Islands

Palm Jumeirah Islands is one of the prime locations for anyone planning a yacht rental tour in Dubai. A man-made archipelago, designed to provide you with a mesmerising view of the wonderful Arabian coastline is home to – Atlantis, The Palm, the most popular 5-star hotel in the world. The Islands invites tourists from all over the world, and all through the year. It is a perfect example of Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle. 

The Dubai Creek

A saltwater creek, it is popularly known as “Creek”. This 14 km long man-made waterway made for the convenience of trade ships divides Bur-Dubai and Deira. It happens to be a cornerstone of Old Dubai and one of the most famous landmarks of UAE. It was the primary trading centre in the old days and has been one of the major influencing factors in the growth of Dubai that we see today. Previously, the creek extended to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, but now as part of the new Dubai canal, it stretches through to the Persian Gulf. 

Take a luxury yacht trip through the calm waters of Dubai Creek to experience the traditional side of this most beautiful Emirate.

 The World Islands

Lying by the Dubai Coastline, the World Islands is another man-made archipelago, that attracts tourists from all over the world. Comprising of 300 small floating islands, built in the form of a World map, the World Island is located 4 km off the shore of Jumeirah, close to the Palm Jumeirah, between Burj Al Arab and Port Rashid. Taking a yacht trip will cater to your desires of witnessing panoramic views of this most extravagantly made holiday yacht destination with the variety of deluxe hotels and attractions worth the time and money. It is a haven for the wealthiest residents from all over the world.