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How To Choose Between Native Or Hybrid App Development For Business


The mobile platform has developed frenetically in the last few years. The two giants of the mobile world i.e. Google and Apple have left no stone unturned in the innovation of their respective mobile operating systems viz Android & iOS. It’s now crystal clear that any business will do tremendously well with a dedicated mobile application in the above-mentioned mobile operating systems. The only thing that is debatable is whether to select a native app development company or a hybrid one!

The Native Approach

In this approach, the applications are created specifically for a particular mobile operating system. The software is developed by using a software development kit like the Android SDK allowing the creation of only Android applications. The program will have all the access to the hardware of the device. It will run smoothly and the interoperability functions will work like a charm.

It’s not a secret that we love sharing. The cross-application sharing is made all the more wonderful by these types of programs developed in this approach. That results in an exceptional user experience. Well, it’s all about how you give the best mobile experience to the end users and this approach exactly does that with flair.

native app

The Hybrid Approach

In this approach, a web application is created and then wrapped in a native wrapper. They are mostly created by using HTML 5 and JavaScript by a hybrid app development company. They take less time to create because of the single code base. Once developed, they can be deployed on various mobile platforms comprehensively. Various plugins are available that enhance their functionalities and make them competitive to the level of native applications.

Ultimately, it all boils down to the requirement and the budget part. The native method of developing any program will require experienced professionals as it is a little tough compared to its counterpart. The duration of the various steps requires more time here. If an organization is short on time, they can look for the other option.

Most of the organizations prefer the Hybrid method of software creation just because of its low cost. Furthermore, it’s extremely easy to create simple programs that don’t require any complex features. The program will be up and running in quick time with a minimum investment in its creation. The organizations have to discuss the prime objective of their program and accordingly take the final decision on the right method.

The users just want a lag-free experience from any kind of software irrespective if it is the desktop or the mobile version. The visuals and features combining seamlessly to provide the perfect user experience is the main focus of the entire creation of any program. Now, it’s pretty clear when to hire a native app development company and when to hire the other option.