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Choose the Right Ceiling Fan to Furnish Your House

If you are planning to renovate your house, then one of your undertakings would definitely be- to furnish your house with affordable and efficient ceiling fans. You should look for those fixtures that will not only look good, but also will be effective in terms of generating airflow within the room. Though it sounds simple, but it is not an easy task to find the right ceiling fan that too based on the requirements. Earlier, such fixtures were simpler, having absolutely lesser frills. However, nowadays the market is flooded with numerous types of ceiling fans, and the best ceiling fan companies in India offer more modern, distinctive and stylish products for the customers.

Accordingly, when it comes to select a ceiling fan for your house, you should consider various aspects. Starting from the location and size of the space to the humidity level and weather conditions, there are much of the factors to be considered. So, to make your task easier, here in this article, some of the types of ceiling fans are discussed that will help you to choose the right one for your house.


This category of ceiling fans are found in majority of the houses. Usually, these fixtures come with features such as four blades and in-built lighting fixture, along with a variety of operating mechanisms. They also come in variety of shades that can accordingly compliment the interior décor of the space.


Flush-mount ceiling fans are also known as ‘hugger fans’. If you have rooms with ceilings less than 8 feet tall, then you can install this particular type of fixture within the space. You can directly install such fixture onto the mounting bracket, without even using down-rod for it. The mounting bracket helps to keep the fixture at the required height i.e. 7 feet above the floor.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient ceiling fans are available both in standard and flush-mount options. The advantage of installing energy efficient fan is that you can save you a lot of money in the long run and are considered exceptionally better for the environment as compared to other fans.


A remote-controlled ceiling fan would be a perfect choice for those people who are fond of modern technologies. Remote control feature will assist you to adjust the speed of the fan. This option is also great for rooms that have high ceilings. Also, if the fan has lighting fixtures incorporated with it, you can an easily operate it with the help of remote-control.

These are some of the types of ceiling fans that you can choose from for your house. Apart from the above discussed, the renowned ceiling fan suppliers in India provide other categories of ceiling fans for its customers and you can purchase them based on your requirements.

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