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Reasons to Choose Templates for Next iOS app development project

Creating a mobile application from scratch requires time and effort. Copying and reusing the existing app solutions can be a risk as it can badly hit your business. Hence, the concept of the template can be your one-stop solution as it allows to develop an application quickly in short interval of time.

It cuts the labour-cost by 50% and reduces the development time by 75% as it goes through several tests before it is released in order to eliminate programming bugs.

What is a template and why you should use?

The template is a business model that has some readymade component placed over it. These components can be customised by the developers according to their preference. Be a professional developer or a fresher, it is significantly helping both of them.

4 things to keep in mind while selecting a business template.

  • Match your business requirements
  • Select template based on your project budget only
  • Is it providing high-quality, consistent and unique app design?
  • Is it easily navigable by users when they search for your website?

There are millions of mobile app templates available which is helping app developers to create an interactive, original and fast-responsive apps for their clients worldwide. The main reason Android and iPhone app developers are using templates is to build the project quickly along with to also overcome with other issues such as inappropriate designing, improper planning, low implementation, exceed budget and testing failure.

If you have just started your business or planning to develop a mobile app for iPhone, then have a look at the 3 best iPhone app templates of 2018.

  • Universal for iOS

Universal is an amazing template which is available for both iOS and Android. It allows creating amazing applications. You can choose content from any source such as web, mobile or anywhere and it also offers an SEO friendly app. Without writing huge code, it gives you a fast responsive app. The template is completely built on Objective-C and it supports the latest version of the iOS and Android apps.

  • BeoNews

BeoNews has introduced a complete package of beautiful templates so that developers journey of developing an app from scratch become easy. BeoNews supports users by providing updated templates so that it matches with the latest version of the OS. It also ensures that it works properly. It allows you to build fast-responsive and attractive apps. It also provides cool and attractive animations, best React Native templates, customised themes, full control on-screen designs.  

  • WebViewGold

Another great template WebViewGold, it allows converting a website content into an app using Xcode package. It provides the easiest way to create an app in just a few clicks. So, if you don’t know how to code or if you have urgently submitted an app, then it can be a good option for you. It is supported by iPhone, iPod and iPad.

  • Easy to use
  • Supports the latest version of iOS12
  • Better cache management

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