How to Choose the Amusement Rides for your Themes Park?

Amusement park

An Amusement park features several large pieces of equipment, including big pendulum, roller coaster, amusement rides and numerous small rides such as carousal, bumper car, and family rides. Today, many theme parts are sprouting with specific targets to adults and children alike.

Are you considering starting an amusement park? How should you go about it and what factors should you consider? Here we have answers.

Amusement park Positioning

With so many amusement parks showing up every day, the competition is high and the positioning of your park will make a difference. This is what will make a difference when you are targeting tourists. This also comes in handy with the amusement park design, investment scale and product selection. You have to choose suitable amusement park rides. What this means is that you should check what each of the target groups likes. Children will seem to like thrill rides such as big pendulum and roller coaster. Children have also shown some interest in UFO turnable ride. They also much love fun rides such as the flying chair and self-controlled planes.  

On the other hand, families like more stable and parent-child based likes. Some of these rides include carousal, happy jellyfish and kiddie roller coaster. These types of rides give the children and the parent pleasant enjoyment and an enjoyable family trip.

Amusement park Location

The other factor you have to consider is the amusement location that is in simple terms the site of the business. Check whether there are any attractions around including supermarkets, and shopping malls for indoor amusement parks. For outdoor amusement parks, check for funfairs, landmarks, carnivals and other preferred attractions.

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Product selection

The factors that affect the product selection are the park location and project positioning and quality and safety. What this means is that the most crucial thing, in this case, is not “large’’ or “expensive”. It would help if you started by selecting the right supplier, depending on your demand. Consider the below things when doing so.

  • Safety-start by checking to know if the supplier you are going for offers high quality and safe equipment. To do this, check whether they are licensed by China Special Equipment manufacturing License. All the companies in the manufacturing industry must get such licenses after comprehensive inspection and approval by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China(AQSIQ). When choosing, consider Jinbo Amusement because they are a qualified manufacturer of amusement equipment.
  • First-class raw materials-in in many cases, the manufacturers use plastic or fiberglass. Although you can choose any of the two products, we heavily suggest that you accept those made of FiberGlass because they are strong and durable. Fiberglass is a material made of a polymer matrix and reinforced with fibers to make it very strong. The same material is used in automobile, marine and aerospace industries. This is because of its qualities, such as strong corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Jinbo sources their Fiberglass raw materials from high-class suppliers. This means that all the materials used and the accessories are checked to meet all the requirements.
  • Realistic looking product-You are in this business for a long time. To make sure your amusement rides are popular among the tourists, consider the style and the designs of the products. A good example is the new ride ‘’Wandering Earth’’ that was launched by Jinbo in September. The launch resembles the shape of the earth, including the seven continents and the oceans. In simple terms, the products you choose should include realistic appearances and the perfect mechanical structures to provide precisely what your tourists need in terms of quality and appearance.

Wandering Earth
  • All-round supporting services-Jinbo Amusement will offer all-round supporting services for all their customers. They provide on-site inspections and plan and design the site for the construction on your behalf. They are likely also to provide plan design drawings and, at last, provide their customers' operations and management with excellent after-work services. Jinbo will send a professional after-sales service team that will always be with you through your business journey.
  • Supplier size-In this case, you are supposed to look for an amusement park ride supplier that will stay in business for prolonged and not just someone that will exit the market in a year or two. It would help if you had this for the sake of the technical support and on-time deliveries. This means that you have to make some personal investigations to determine the supplier’s ability to stay in Business. Jinbo Amusement is one of those companies because it has its production facility over 50,000 square meters in China. They also have over 100 employees, which means their factory runs all year round for delivering high-quality amusement materials globally.
  • Related Project cases-Jinbo Amusement can meet your needs if you want to invest in an amusement park and needs the right supplier. Lastly, you also have to check the successful project cases of potential suppliers. Jinbo Amusement has already participated in hundreds of projects of amusment parks across the world. This means that we are recognized and highly praised by prior customers for the amusement park setups and the support team.
Amusement park ride

In conclusion, Jinbo Amusement can meet your needs if you are looking to invest some amusement rides and could want a reliable supplier.