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Choose the Right Floor for Your Kitchen

Are you thinking of changing the floor in your kitchen? Are you not sure which option can work better in this room? We give you some ideas that can come in handy for you, And the truth is that there are a variety and a lot.

We find many alternatives in the market, from traditional options such as porcelain or porcelain tiles to much more cutting-edge ideas such as linoleum floors or micro cement. Take a good look at their characteristics and get an idea of how they would look in your kitchen. Floor tiles arrive in a scope of characteristic and synthetic materials and completions, from finished to matt to high sparkle. A few tiles are more permeable than others – something to be cautious about in a room where dampness levels will in general be high. On the off chance that you've begun to look all starry eyed at a tile, for example, earthenware, that is permeable, guarantee it's all around fixed, and resealed consistently.

The classics are always a good option

As in many other occasions, within interior decoration, the classics work. For example, porcelain. They are the most common today, and it is because, among other things, they offer a surface with excellent hardness and little porosity, something quite essential in this room of the home since it is a high traffic area. It also has a wide variety of models, from smooth porcelain to those that imitate materials such as wood, slate, or steel. You can find them in different sizes. If you want few joints, always opt for the largest tiles. You can also dare with such striking trends as porcelain tiles that imitate hydraulic floors, which we never tire of seeing. For an on-pattern, costly completion, have parquet flooring laid in a herringbone design. Lighter wood tones will make a more roomy feel in your kitchen, however will show soil all the more rapidly; white or pale cabinetry can look staggering stood out from dull wood flooring, which shrouds checks all the more viably. More extensive sheets look more contemporary than smaller ones.

Laminate flooring as an alternative to wood

Lover of wooden floors? Yes, wood can be scary in rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom. However, many more resistant solutions, such as laminate floors or even vinyl, imitate the texture of wood. Best of all, installing them will not need significant works, as they can be placed on top of the old floor. Their price is reasonable, but they are also very resistant to humidity.

Linoleum comes to the kitchen

The linoleum floors gradually are more in homes. It is an environmentally friendly material, as it is made with natural fibers. It is waterproof, so cleaning it is not a problem. Also, it is antibacterial and biodegradable. Its placement is simple, and it has lasting finishes, from those that simulate marble or those that are placed forming a continuous surface with flat colors.

Microcement for the most modern

The microcement convinces, and a lot. Get continuous surfaces without joints, something that in the kitchen can be quite positive. It has excellent hardness and little porosity. It adheres without problem to all surfaces. Although its placement is more complicated than the floors mentioned above, the effect is a true marvel. It is ideal in the most modern kitchens, with minimalist touches or a clear industrial style.

In the variety is the spice

Not sure which of all to choose? Don't worry, if there is one good thing these days, the mix of materials and styles works, is appreciated and easily achieved. For example, you can use laminate flooring, but alternate it with a mosaic tile. We can't deny that the effect is 10.

What did you think of the proposals? Do you already know what is the ideal type of floor for your kitchen? We hope this article inspires you.

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