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How to Choose the Right Phone System for Your Business

Much more than transmitting and receiving calls is possible with modern commercial telephone services. The telecommunications business has been changed by the development of economical cloud technologies. 

Sophisticated functionalities are now available to start-ups by global organizations at a tenth of the price of old systems.

Differences between a business phone and a regular phone

Individuals would be mistaken if they believe that all communication services are the same and therefore there is no distinction between a corporate telephone and a residential telephone company. 

In truth, there are various distinctions between a telephone used only for corporate and a telephone used during private discussions, such as essential benefits package, speaking capacities, and even the number of telephones you'll want.


Corporate telephones are expected to be 80% to 100% more expensive than landline telephone networks. This price hike is due to the fact that enterprise systems now include more specialized processes that might be critical to a company's success.

The price of installing a residential telephone line can be prohibitively high for whatever you get. Prices may rise as more individuals choose for Wireless or any other smartphone telephony. 

For these services, telephone providers may ask you to acquire a secondary telephone service, and don't forget the additional taxation charges that will be charged to your account.

Capabilities and Gear

By comparing the demands of a corporate telephone network to those of a residential telephone, it's clear that there's a great disparity. 

A corporate telephone system is required to relay conversations, hold teleconferences with many persons, and support multiple connections. Most of these functions don't involve the use of a landline.  Further sophisticated functions in a corporate telephone system are not missed.

In addition, cloud telephony is gaining popularity. Companies and any regular people can use this technology to make connections using their network provider. This can be more trustworthy than traditional telephony operations in some scenarios.


A corporate telephone is typically far more beneficial than a regular residential phone. Not only do companies rely on mobile smartphones to deal with customers, but also with their employees and customers. Also, check here how to enhance your Smartphone with some latest accessories.

Commercial phone systems, therefore, ought to be more efficient and capable of handling a lot more coverage than a typical house telephone, and they must have the functionalities to allow those communications.

What you should know before choosing a business phone system

Choosing the most appropriate operating system is a vital concern that can have strategic and monetary consequences if made incorrectly. 

So before you hire a telephony company, here are a few things that you should already have in mind:

How many lines do you need?

Develop a personnel strategy. Examine your organization’s process to identify how many employees might need a cellphone in 1 - 3 years. 

A basic two-line business telephone acquired from any technology store may readily accommodate 4 to 5 employees, but if you want to hire more people, that arrangement will soon get unworkable.

That's also one of the benefits of cloud phones since you can add and remove lines whenever you need them.

What capabilities are going to need

Make a list of the most important functionalities. For example, would your organization get a secretary or will calls be directed to employees via an auto-assistant? 

Does your company need call routing or teleconference seeking? 

Is voice-to-email a must-have? 

Create a shortlist of those capabilities that are most important to your company and consider them while evaluating platforms.

Experiment with your alternatives

Most business phone companies like Nextiva, Ultatel, or RingCentral allow you to use their system for a free trial period. So make sure to test your alternatives before making any payment.

Before your company actually buys, try out your alternatives to see how easy they can be to operate. 

Is it easy to get new lines, create additional capabilities, or delete former staff from the network? 

Many critical systems are famously difficult to implement, and businesses are obliged to pay support specialists to develop even the most basic tasks. 

To cut down on recurring servicing costs, opt for a user-friendly platform.

Choose from a variety of telecom technologies

The communications technologies over traditional networks are essentially housed on a computing device that handles telephone service through the telephone company. 

When someone contacts your phone number, cloud systems direct the connection to the appropriate division or person. VOIP telephones operate without the usage of landlines or a centralized component. 

Every telephone is effectively a minicomputer that connects to the Web. Although VoIP systems might be costly and difficult to configure, they expand well since extra phones are affordable. 

Cloud systems are more simple to operate and may be distributed to multiple locations, but every line is costly, leaving them a pricey alternative in bigger corporations. 

To evaluate those systems and determine which is best for your organization, you'll need lengthy personnel and placement strategy.

Bottom Line

Selecting the right phone system is beneficial to your company since it reduces the costs of maintaining the telephone. They could let your staff work from anywhere as long as they have access to the Web. 

And most businessmen agree that cloud phone services save cash for your company on telephone expenses in your businesses.

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