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Choose Wooden Kitchen Designs for Elegance and Ruggedness

There’s a good reason why wooden kitchen designs continue to be more popular than other types of modern kitchen worktop and cabinet materials. Wood has long been the material of choice for architects, interior designers, and, most importantly, both professional chefs and amateur cooks. 

People are naturally drawn to the warm and natural look of a kitchen with wooden counter tops and accents. But more than good looks, a wooden kitchen design holds up well through years of hard use. Wooden worktops are robust and resilient. They withstand dropped pots and pans and absorb knife marks. They also provide for a quieter kitchen because of the relative softness of wood compared to steel, marble, granite, or laminates. 

Wood Suits Every Type of Décor

Whether you have a thoroughly modern kitchen décor or have gone for a rustic and warm atmosphere for the most used room in your home, wooden worktops, cabinets, and accents add a soft and natural touch to your kitchen décor. They make the room a more comfortable place for the family to gather at the end of the day for an evening meal. 

With the variety of wood shades running from the dark, rich shades of walnut, and teak to the lighter shades of oak, there's a shade available to complement any décor. Decorating your kitchen with the various shades of green that houseplants offer provides an extra touch of nature to the room as well.

Rugged and Long-lasting

Wood suits a family of active cooks. It can be treated with oils to help it repel food and beverage stains, and with just a little care, it will look like new for years to come. 

Watch your favourite cooking show and see what material professional chefs always choose for their cutting boards. Invariably, they use for all their cutting boards. 

While soft, nylon cutting boards use to be all the rage, they soon fell out of favour with professional chefs because they retained harmful bacteria that made them impossible to clean thoroughly. And while newer artificial materials came onto the market, experienced chefs kept coming back to wooden cutting boards and worktops as a superior cutting surface. 

A chef's knives are their most valuable tool in the kitchen. Wood maintains the sharpness of blades for far longer than any other material. And when a wooden surface has absorbed too much wear and tear, it can easily be sanded down and refinished to look as good as new and last for many more years. 

See What Wooden Kitchen Design Specialists Have to Offer

These days, wooden kitchen design specialists are incorporating beautiful woods into a number of different modern designs. These designs offer the functionality of wood in a contemporary kitchen to achieve a seamless blend of the new and the eternally classic. 

Before you decide on a kitchen renovation, visit a store offering the latest wooden kitchen designs, and talk to their professional kitchen consultants. Let them open your eyes to what can be achieved when you bring wooden worktops, cabinets, and accents into your kitchen design.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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