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Choosing a Cheese Supplier

Cheese is perhaps one of the oldest and most beloved dairy products in the world. It is widely used across all cultures as a delicious treat and as an ingredient of many foods. With its versatility as a food additive, cheese has been used for a variety of different recipes and preparation. Although there are hundreds of different types of cheese available on the market today, the selection offered by cheesemakers is virtually unlimited. Some cheese suppliers offer a full range of specialty cheeses while other suppliers focus on only a handful of different cheeses that can be used for a wide variety of different recipes.


When looking to find a good wholesale cheese supplier for your business, it is important to focus on a few specific qualities of cheese, rather than just going for the lowest price you can find. Cheese suppliers should have a strong history, and reputation as well as a wide range of cheeses produced by many different companies, which makes them easier to find if you are looking for a certain type of cheese. Chefs will often work in partnership with manufacturers and retailers to produce a consistent supply of top-quality cheeses.


The good Cheese Merchants of America should be able to provide you with a full selection of both white and yellow cheese. White cheeses are usually those with less moisture or with less pungent flavor, and yellow cheese is a rich and creamy cheese with a soft texture that is full of flavor and variety. There are two types of cheese-making traditions that are commonly used by cheesemakers around the world, and these include pasteurized and non-pasteurized cheeses. Pasteurized cheese is usually made at high temperatures and using low moisture levels, producing a cheese that is firmer and generally tastier than its non-pasteurized counterpart. Non-pasteurized cheese is generally made by rendering the milk in order to remove the whey protein that causes the curdling and separation of milk molecules.


Many dairy farmers in America grow a substantial amount of goat and sheep's milk, which is sold to many manufacturers throughout the United States. The cheese produced by these dairy farmers is used to make a variety of different cheeses, some of which are imported from Europe. A good wholesaler will have a variety of cheeses available from both European and domestic sources. In addition to cheeses produced by domestic producers, a good dairy and snacks supplier will be able to provide you with a wide range of different flavored cheeses as well as a variety of different-aged aged cheeses. It can be confusing to try to determine what you need, so having a knowledgeable sales representative on your staff will help to make the selection process much easier.


Cheese suppliers who offer you cheese of both registered and non-registered varieties are a good choice, because they can meet the demands for every type of cheese on your list. While you can get an assortment of different cheddar cheeses, you might not want to go with cheddar if you are looking for something a bit more robust; you may prefer something from the milk group, like brie. Cheese suppliers who sell cheese with a higher percentage of fat, like mozzarella or provolone, can also be helpful because they can sell you cheese that has a lower fat content than other types of cheese. While you can get a variety of different cheeses from both domestic and foreign sources, you will need to choose between three or four cheeses, so you can balance out the overall taste of your restaurant.


When looking for a cheese supplier, whether you are a small local pizza shop or a large chain like Dairy Queen, it helps to understand that industrial cheese suppliers can often offer you the best product at the most competitive prices. Because they purchase their dairy products in bulk and then put price tags on them to reflect on their profit margin, they are in the business of selling cheese in large quantities. By buying cheese in larger quantities from an industrial cheese supplier, you can be assured that you are getting a quality product at a fair price. Cheese suppliers who specialize in selling Swiss and American style cheeses, and who have an established customer base in either of these cuisines, are usually a good choice for a new pizzeria or cafe that wants to have a variety of different cheese sauces and toppings on their menu.

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