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Choosing a doormat for your house

A doormat like a carpet or a rug is an essential item for your house. Everyone who wants their house to be spotlessly clean will need to buy a good quality doormat. There are many doormats available of different types and made from different materials. Depending on your needs, you can choose one of them. Buying a doormat needs a bit of thought since you need to buy the best one that lasts long. To make your work easy, here are some guidelines to help you choose the best doormat for your house.

Before choosing a doormat for your home, it is important to understand its benefits.

Benefits of a home doormat

  1. Floor protection: The use of doormats means that you preserve your floors. If you do not place one at your entrance, your floors are exposed to damage.  Doormats are used to remove debris from the shoes. If left unremoved, this debris can cause unwanted damage to the floor.
  2. To help keep your shoes clean: Doormats cone with natural  bristles that provide enough pressure to pull off dirt from underneath the soles of your shoes. This means that you will not be needing too much effort to keep your shoes clean.
  3. A welcoming gesture: Doormats act as welcoming gestures to invite visitors and people to a house. This is why many doormats are designed as aesthetic décor materials to help boost the entrance of the house. Doormats are a budget way of giving the home an inviting feel and look. Many homes and businesses you the personalized doormat as a way to express a warm message of welcome to people as they approach your home.
  4. A home decoration item: The doormat is a piece of home décor that can be used to decorate the entrance of your home. Without a doormat, the entrance of your home look empty, bare, and unattractive. This is why many businesses use doormats to attract visitors and potential customers. Decorated doormats are a piece of outdoor décor that beautifies the entrances of our homes by offering the right amount of aesthetics to make the entrance of a house more inviting.
  5. Safety purposes: Slip and fall incidents in the home can usually lead to litigation and monetary settlements to the victim. It is always important to place a doormat at the entrance of the home to help prevent many cases of fall hazards in the home. Doormats come with bristles that get rid of unwanted debris in the shoes.

Guidelines to choose a doormat

When you are planning to buy doormats for your house, you can keep the following guidelines in mind.

  1. Decide the areas in your house where you need to place a doormat. You will need a heavy-duty doormat at the main door. You will also need doormats at the bathroom entrance and probably at the kitchen entrance. If you have a backdoor leading to a yard/garden, you will need a mat there.
  2. You need a scraper mat if you live in a place with lot of mud outside. This ensures people can scrape their shoes to remove dirt and mud completely before entering the house.
  3. If you are choosing a coir or fabric mat, you need to ensure it has an anti-slid surface at the bottom. Without this, there is a chance that people may skid and fall. Mats places in the bathroom must have anti-skid properties.
  4. Ideally, place a scraper mat outside the door and another mat inside. This ensures there is no chance of dirt entering your house. The mat inside can be of a decorative type to match with your interior décor.
  5. You can consider long mats of four steps length. This ensures people will step on the mat with both their shoes thus getting rid of most dirt.
  6. Get a doormat that can be cleaned easily. You need to periodically clean the mat to remove dirt accumulated.
  7. Unless the mat is for decorative purposes, you must choose a dark-colored mat. This will ensure any dirt on it is not visible.
  8. Choose the mat type depending on the footfall or traffic. The more the people who would walk through the area, the sturdier should be the mat.
  9. The size of the mat should be ideally 80% of your door size.
  10.  During the rainy seasons or in places where there is a lot of moisture, look for a mat that can absorb water. Get more than one mat, since you may need to replace the mats often during wet weather.
  11. If you want a sturdy mat, get an industrial heavy-duty mat.
  12. Ensure the door can open smoothly without getting stuck on the mat.

You can refer to the above guidelines to help you choose the best doormat for your house. You can consider one of the top brands like WaterHog mats that are of the best quality and durable. Such a mat would meet all your requirements.

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