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Choosing Adidas super star and other essentials for hiking

Hiking is a sort of refreshment for those who tend to stay in closed offices throughout the weekends. Recently, I went hiking with some of my old school friends and one of my friends who was apparently wearing Adidas told me that his new shoes are not supporting him at that time I realized the significance of high-quality shoes and the market’s games about the fake shoes. I told him that he must only buy Adidas shoes and I can help him so that he may know how to choosing Adidas superstar.   

Anyhow, this incident made our hiking day a long day and we all suffered from our beloved friend now when I am back, I have realized that like every other thing hiking It also requires certain attention as it is quite important for our health.

Nowadays people are gradually realizing the importance of hiking and natural tours for gathering fresh air for their not so active lungs. I have decided to write this article which has got all the information a hiker must know, before going on to a hiking spree.

1.  Check the weather before going

When you have planned to head out for hiking make sure that the weather is on your side, otherwise, you would only spoil your day.

But, even before the weather select the location, if you are living at a mountainous area then you must be aware of the locations specified for hiking.

When I was young, I waited for the monsoon and planned my hiking trips especially during the rainy seasons, I know like my mother you will also think that I am a lunatic, but for the sake of adventure you must do it.

If you want to have some adventure, then check if it is going to rain then take your raincoat and umbrellas with you. Sometimes, the weather conditions are quite unpredictable so if you have experienced any of such issues in your area then you must contact the weather authority.

I know it sounds very exaggerated but, for your safety, you must stay very conscious. Especially if you are taking women and kids with you.

2.  What to wear

When you are going for hiking you will need a separate set of clothing. You cannot just hang out with the same t-shirts and outerwear.

For footwear you must first understand the soil of the trails if it is slippery and smooth then you just wear some rough sole shoes.

The undergarments also have to be especial, so that you must enjoy your trip to the beautiful sceneries.

Lastly, you must have extra clothes, for instance if you are wearing a half sleeves shirt then try to carry a full sleeves one because you never know when it will get cold, while you trek you would feel warm so at that time you may need to put your jackets in a bag, Make sure that you are carrying a backpack with you.

3. Food and water

Now, you decide how much time will you spend over a certain spot? If in case you plan to have a sit in picnic then carry a basket of food, but that will not be wise as you would be walking all the way up.

Thus, each person must carry the food they want to have, along with the water bottle you must carry a powdered glucose sachet with you. many times, people who are not use dot physical exertions fell ill and exhausted. So, make sure that you have got that as a safety measure.

4. Navigation

It is not weird and as you won’t be able to have some strong internet connection then you ought to have a compass and a map with you. when I plan for hiking, I make sure that I have got a map, usually, I download a map form the google and print it out.

5.  The other essential

Now, it is a long list. You will need some power banks, a torch, hiking sticks, empty water bottles, water purifiers and a first aid box with you.

Hiking means that you will be away from your home, so you ought to make sure that you have got all the essential things with you. if you have got some guardians then inform them prior to leaving your house so that in case of emergency they must trace you out. 

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