Choosing cabinet hardware - what to pay attention to?


Are you passionate about furniture restoration or construction? In order to be able to create complete, functional pieces, you'll need a set of appropriate hardware. What should you equip yourself with, and how to choose the best quality elements?

Bringing back old furniture to life or creating new ones from scratch can be an empowering experience. However, passion and skills are not enough - you need suitable tools and resources as well. Part of your success depends on their appropriate selection. That's why it's worth spending some time searching for a reliable provider that chooses the best materials. Their quality will affect the overall durability and functionality of your furniture.

What kind of furniture accessories will you need?

Even if you provide yourself with the wooden elements (or made from other materials of your choice), you'll still need connecting elements, such as terminal blocks and others. To put opening/closing mechanisms into work, you should equip yourself with some hardware. The same applies to providing your furniture with appropriate finishing.

What may you need? The range of elements depends on the type of furniture you're constructing. However, it will probably fit in this spectrum:

  • brackets
  • fittings
  • dowels & biscuits
  • furniture legs and handles
  • drawer systems and slides
  • cabinet hinges 
  • lift systems

The best is to try finding a provider that offers all of the element categories mentioned above. All of them can be purchased through Furnica, a dynamically developing company launched as a response to the growing demand for quality furniture accessories in the Western European market.

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Which materials should you choose?

For the system elements that enable opening, closing, lifting, and sliding, the best material is steel, mainly due to its universality and resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage. Search for stamped steel - it's a lightweight solution that maintains the high load capacity at the same time. 

When selecting the drawer hardware and other types of elements, pay attention to resistance to high load, humidity, and other factors, but don't overlook the aesthetical aspects. Even though they may seem similar at first glance, the devil's in the details - the small differences in shape and shade can significantly influence the visual effect. The color of steel can change a lot - and there are various variants available, from chromium to black. 

Instead of investing in expensive décor and outdoor furniture, you must try thinking about sprucing up a deck through simple and budget-friendly techniques. Even though a tad bit challenging when it comes to execution, believe me, indulging in this work  all on your own, without any sort of professional assistance, is extremely fun. In case you are falling short of ideas, feel free to go through the following write-up, where I have chalked down some amazing ways to improve the overall appearance of your deck and hence increase the value of your property.

Do you have a cabinet that has become quite old and hence collecting dust for many years now? If yes, clean it thoroughly and transform it into an entertaining station for keeping the drinks and glasses. You can also use it as a space to store items like rugs, cushions, toys, etc.

While decoration is mandatory nowadays, it would not do good to neglect deck maintenance. The brand-new lustre and functionality could only be retained if accumulation of dust and debris is prevented, loose nails and warped boards are repaired, mould and mildew are kept a bay, and the deck is stained after every three to five years.

The hardware is essential to the final effect, influencing the comfort of using a particular piece of furniture. Investing in quality elements can make all the difference!