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Choosing the Right A4 Paper

All A4 paper might look the same to an ordinary person, but there is a lot that doesn't meet the eye, like texture and thickness. Choosing the right one to use in your office can be a hustle. The main attributes to consider are the texture colour and thickness. If you have found yourself in a fix on deciding which paper to use, this article will be beneficial.

Weight of The Paper

Weight is significant because you cannot use the same paperweight for every use in your office. All A4 papers weigh between 70gsm to 80gsm; the 80gsm ones are the best for photocopying and printing; it is not advisable to print on the lighter ones. When printing flyers or brochures, you should use the 120gsm papers.

The 70gsm papers are suitable for writing or sketching. They are not the best for printing because of their low density; if you use them for printing, it can be messy because it sticks to other papers while in the printer.

Know The Key Terms Related To Paper

Without knowing all the key terms related to papers, you might end up buying the wrong ones. Some of the standard terms are opacity, reams and GSM.


This is the abbreviation used as a measuring unit of paper. It abbreviates grams per square meter; it shows the density of the paper. When buying A4 papers, check the package to see how many gsm is indicated, without knowing you might pick the wrong density.


This is the translucency of the paper. When you want to print on both sides of the paper, translucency is crucial because if the opacity is low, you will not print on both sides.


The word is used to refer to a stack of papers. One ream contains 450 to 500 sheets of paper, if you print in vast quantities in your office, knowing which ream to get will help save money. Buying a small ream might be favourable if you don't print a lot.

Know Your Printing Requirements

Knowing your printing requirements will save you money, and you choose the right paper for better print results. Some printers will specify the type of paper to use, but if they don't, it is up to you to choose the best. A box of A4 paper contains five to ten reams; each ream has 500 sheets. If your office prints a lot, you can buy enough photocopy and printing sheets to avoid using other papers that are not meant for printing.

Get the colour and texture that you want, but the weight should not go below 80gsm for printing. Different printing needs will require a different density of the paper. A thick paper may look nice, but if it doesn't fit your printing requirements, you should not get it. Printer compatibility is also important; some printers cannot handle a certain weight. You will hate buying many reams of paper that will not be used.



If you have always been confused when it comes to choosing the right A4 to use, the above are the main issues to consider before choosing one. It's not ideal to assume all papers are the same; getting the right one for the job will amplify the result.

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Daniel Zayas
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