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Choosing the Right Ergonomic Office Chair

If you work in an office, it is likely that you spend most of your day sitting. Sitting for long periods of time puts pressure on the spine and on the structures that make up your back. Because of this, it is important you choose the right ergonomic chair, especially if you have a history of back pain or other back issues. A good chair should support the back and promote good posture so that you do not develop or exacerbate back pain.

What Kind of Chair Do I Need?

There is no simple answer to this question as everyone is built differently, but there are some common things to look for when choosing an office chair. When you consider the factors that are important to you, you should find it very easy to choose the right ergonomic office chair.

Seat Height

When choosing an office chair, you should ensure that you can adjust its height before looking at its other features. A pneumatic lever is the most common option and a chair that is 16 to 21 inches high works best for most people. A good rule to follow is that your chair’s height should allow your feet to lie flat on the floor, with the thighs in a horizontal position and the arms at the same height as your desk.

Width and Depth

The seat you choose should have enough depth and width to support your weight and size comfortably. You do not want a seat that is too restrictive as that might lead to fatigue. When shopping for a seat, try to find one that is 12 to 20 inches wide. The depth of the seat, which refers to the measurement from the back of the seat to its front, should allow you to sit with your back against the backrest.

The seat should also allow for 2 to 4 inches from the back of your knees to the chair’s seat. Most online platforms will give you all these measurements, but if you do not know where to start, visit They have a huge selection of chairs you can choose from with all the seat measurements given.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is very important. Lumbar support refers to how well a seat is able to support your lower back. Since the spine has an inward curve, sitting for too long without proper lumbar support will lead to slouching. A good ergonomic chair should allow you to adjust both the height and depth of the lumbar support so that you can customize the chair’s fit to the natural curve of your spine and back.


The armrests should allow your arms to rest comfortably on your desk, with your shoulders relaxed. The lower arms, as well as the elbows, should rest lightly on the armrests. Also, ensure the forearm is not on the armrest when typing.

Seat Material

The seat material should have enough padding to be comfortable and should be breathable to avoid sweating. Both of these will allow you to sit comfortably for long periods of time.

Getting a good ergonomic chair can be expensive, but it is a good investment if you want to avoid regular visits to the chiropractor in the future. Ensure the chair you choose is comfortable and that it affords your back the right amount of support. 

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