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Choosing the Right Malaysian Hair That Fits Your Personality

For the women who find it hard choosing the right Malaysian hair that fits perfectly to your style, this article is for you. The feeling of rocking a new weave whether it is a Malaysian Curly hair or Malaysian wavy hair is most times gratifying for women. What makes it even better is being complemented for having an amazing weave by fellow women even men – You’d be surprised how much men know about hair these days. Imagine dropping your toddler off at school and just before driving off, one of the teachers comes running towards you. “Sorry to bother you ma’am, but I love your weave”. The pride that will beam inside you will be indescribable. Although not many of these compliments come in this manner but when they do, it makes your whole day.

Why is Malaysian Hair so popular?

There is no competition when picking out the hair for grand occasions than Malaysian weave. The sheer silk and natural luster of the hair makes it irresistible to men and women. The fanciful wave pattern blends with medium and tough textures which sits perfectly in the woman beaming with confidence. It has been known to give women added confidence especially when they do a flip. The shine that comes with Malaysian hair is worthy of note although it tends to reduce when the weave is washed. Consequently, it goes to a more natural look. Malaysian hair is one of the softest sets of hair women like to try. One if the perks of using the Malaysian hair is the fact that it holds curls well without any form of additional assistance.

If you are fan of black and dark brown hair, then Malaysian hair is the right pick for you. Although it has limited colors, it blends well with African American hair and similar hair types.

Types of Malaysian Hair

What is life without the variety of choice? Women choosing Malaysian have different options to choose from. It just takes finding the right fit. Not all styles might go well with a particular person but you can find your go-to Malaysian hair with these descriptions.

Malaysian Wavy Hair

Don’t you just love sitting at the beach with the sunset hitting your face as you stare at the beautiful waves of the sea? Now that is a sight for sore eyes. The Malaysian wavy hair embodies such elegance as well, it can be considered heavy when compared to other types of hair and silky with its natural shine. Its wave pattern blends well with medium textures.

Malaysian Straight Hair

There is nothing wrong with having a straight hair with a bit of waves right at the end. Some women like to combine the straight hair with a little bit of waves using the original color. If you are feeling adventurous, you can throw in another shade that gives you a classy look. It is popular among African American women who wear thus style like a crown on their heads.

Malaysian Curly Hair

One peculiar feature about this style of hair is the relief it gives women when they wear it. The curl pattern is always intact without much assistance. Women enjoy the ease at which they rock their curls without having to carry around sprays and curling Products. No one wants to rush to the bathroom to adjust their curls with a spray. Every woman wants to enjoy the comfort of wearing their hair stylishly without having to check in every five minutes.

Malaysian Deep Wave Hair 

This is similar to the Water wave hair although the major difference is the curl direction. For this kind of Malaysian hair, the curl is facing the same direction and is relatively flat. IT gives an adorable, cute and sweet look to the woman. Ladies usually call it the curly ones when they want to get a new weave.

Malaysian Water Wave hair

As explained before, this Malaysian hair is a little bit similar to the deep wavy hair. The curl patters on the water wave are position in opposite directions which allows the hair to look much fuller than the deep wave style. It blends naturally with the hair and adds a powerful and boisterous look for the woman.

Which Malaysian Hair is the best?

 The beauty of the Malaysian hair lies in the lady wearing the weave. As much as the Malaysian hair is very soft and blends well with relaxed African women hair. It can go for a day without its curls loosening. But the dilemma most women face is choosing the right one for their style.

Here is something you need to know; the virgin texture hair is the best grade of Malaysian hair or any type of weave in the market. It can be styled and colored to your natural hair. The best Malaysian hair is relative as many people have different opinions about the style of Malaysian hair.

The best Malaysian hair is the one you feel the most comfortable in. that might sound cliché but that is the way it is. Women have different preferences and for Malaysian hair, some enjoy the Curly hair because of the way it feels on their heads while others enjoy the hair because of the look and confidence it gives them.

The thickness and softness of the straight hair might be the reasons for some women to adopt this style of weave. Regardless, there is a unique feel which Malaysian hair gives the women. It is such a unique style of eave that you can style it depending on your preferences. Whether it means adding a new color or style that compliments your dress, as long as the hair is virgin then you are good to go.

So, imagine yourself strutting through the street this time in confidence because you are sure of the Malaysian hair you want to rock for the date night next week. Go for one often best weave for the ideal women as Malaysian hair accentuates the richness and elegance of the woman.

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