Monday, October 2, 2023
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Choosing the Right Pool for Your Lifestyle

Pools are unique spaces that you add will add worth to your house and you can enjoy quality time with your family. When deciding to choose a pool for your backyard, the options may seem endless. However, before you start working on it, you must first choose a design and take into account all considerations in order to perfectly match your pool to your home.


This guide will teach you about the many different options of pools you can choose from and help you make the right choice based on your lifestyle. 

Consider Your Budget

Considering your budget first is important to help you narrow down the list of choices that will fit better for your house while still reducing the burden of the purchasing process. Determine how much you are willing to pay and keep a strict schedule up since expenses easily keep adding up.

Check Your Environment

Start by looking at your house and consider what would be the right way to highlight its best features. If your area is surrounded by a lot of trees and greenery, try strategically positioning the pool. However, it is important to keep in mind where you position your pool. For example, if it is right under some trees you need to remember that it can get messy due to dead leaves, bird dropping, or twigs. Tp avoid this, you can protect your pool with pool blankets or covers.


If you have a more modern structure, a pool with clean straight lines would be ideal and complement your area. Whereas, pools that look cozy and sustainable would best match a house with a more traditional structure. 

Size Matters

One of the first things you need to note down is how much space you have available to deal with before getting into the details of building a pool in your backyard. If you have a rather large yard, your options would be seemingly unlimited. However, for smaller yards, it would look better if you position the pool around the edges of your property. 


Consider leaving free areas around your pool as to not fill up the entire yard and save enough space for a lounging and chilling area. If you have a smaller yard, this would require building a smaller pool but it would make the area cozy and livable. 


In addition, by measuring your yard’s size you will determine what kind of pool would best suit your house, whether that is infinity, above-ground, or an inground pool. 

A Variety of Options

You have a variety of options to choose from when deciding which pool will best suit your lifestyle. Here are a few options you could consider.


  • Infinity Pools: One or two walls of an infinity pool have a vanishing-edge design that lies just below the pool's water surface. It often causes water to spill across the wall, giving the impression that there are no limits to the water. These are also known as the “negative edge pools”, they’re beautiful and have a flattering look to them. 

  • Lap Pools: This style of in-ground pools, is small, long, and usually rectangular and it’s designed primarily for swimming laps. They’re perfect for small yards because they take very little space. 

  • Swim Spas: They are a cross between a pool and a spa, with water jets that enable the person to swim against a steady flow of water. Swim spas are ideal for fitness use and can also be heated which serves as both a spa and a swim spa. 

  • Vinyl-Liner Pools: The panel walls of these in-ground pools are clamped together and rest on a concrete base. The pool is then fully covered with a custom-made vinyl liner.

  • Plunge pool: If you want to use your pool mostly to cool off and wade, plunge pools are ideal for that. 

Pool Safety Features 

It is important to ensure your family and other’s safety while using your pool. When it comes to pool management, most areas have specific laws and regulations. In addition to that, you need to make sure that the pool is built in accordance with those laws. 


Further safety features such as rails, ramps, pool depth, and cleaning and repair chemicals must all be considered before you build your pool. Especially if younger kids intend to use the pool, security measures must be doubled in order to prevent any accidents. Video cameras, pool gates, and even gate detectors that warn you when children are in the pool area are examples of these features. 

When designing your own pool consider it as a part of both your house and your lifestyle, and speak with experts for more information to add your own personal touches. Be creative yet realistic and consider the points above to build a pool that matches your lifestyle perfectly. 

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