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Cigars Being Part of the Social Gatherings: Read about it

Smoking is common in many people while they are enjoying with friends or releasing the stress of social gatherings.

A social smoker smokes at times everywhere in groups, usually while drinking alcoholic drinks.

FACT 1: Director of the National Tobacco Program in Washington D.C. for ALA (American Lung Association) says that "Smoking virtually harms every part of the body, even if you smoke only from time to time."

Many people think drinking alcohol works like a trigger that connects people with smoking.

How Does Social Gathering Affect Our Connections?

Most social smokers don't realize they are harming themselves because they only smoke now and then, not every day. But you still have health risks if you smoke, even if it is from time to time or occasionally. Smoking in gatherings is not good. Secondhand smoke provided by American Lung Association from cigars or cigarettes can be dangerous.

Smokers are at higher risk of many diseases like cancer, heart stroke, and other heart diseases than other people who do not smoke.

Smoking often in social gatherings might also affect your social life. Social smokers also have a smoke smell in their breath and also on their clothes. In social smoking, other people who are with you are also exposed to secondhand smoke. But mostly, people look for the best online cigar store. However, all of them cause health issues in anyone who inhales it.

Is it Fine If You Smoke in Public?

If you are a social smoker, or you smoke once now and then while hanging out with your friends. Social smoking cannot be safe for anyone. Smoking more or less many cigars can put you at high risk of cancer, heart, lungs, and other health conditions associated with smoking.

Social smoking is also known as intermediate or light smoking. About 1/4th of people who smoke in the United States are social smokers. Common health problems that can develop due to smoking may include cancer, lung, and heart disease. Smoking can also lead the smoker to anxiety and depression.

Health Risks:

A cigar usually contains more than seventy thousand chemicals. When a person inhales cigar smoke, even from a single cigar, these harmful toxins enter his bloodstream and damage his heart and blood vessels. Damage of blood vessels leads you to a high risk of cardiovascular disease.

In recent studies, researchers found that genetics also plays a vital role in deciding how cigar smoke will affect your health. That is why some people do not get affected by e-cigarette boxes while others experience health issues.

Every single cigar that you smoke leads you to a higher risk of health issues and addiction. Smoking has no safe exposure level to smoke.

How Is Secondhand Cigars Smoking Unsafe for Social Gathering?

Secondhand smoke is the black-colored smoke that comes from the lighted filtered end of a cigar or cigarette. It is very harmful to the people and friends around you. Many studies conducted in Washington D.C. revealed that just staying around cigar smoke for a long time are also at risk of getting cancer and heart disease.

FACT 2: When a person smokes socially or in a gathering, expose the other people who are around him to secondhand and thirdhand smoke. Exposure to second and thirdhand smoke can also cause illness and health issues like lung cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.

Smoking can lead a smoker to die earlier than other non-smokers. Studies shown by Indian Health Service reveal that people who smoke one or less than one cigar per day were 65% more likely to die earlier than those people who never smoked in their entire life. The percentage increases to 87% for those people who smoke more than 1 to 10 cigars per day; it is considered light smoking.

Cigars and Their Health Effects Facts:

  • Cigars in Oklahoma were available for sale in three main types; these are Cigarillos Cigars, little-sized cigars, and large-sized cigars. A large cigar usually contains toxins and chemicals equal to 2 entire packs of cigarettes.

  • In 2017, about half of youth that smoke cigars choose to smoke flavored cigars. These cigar flavors cover up the natural taste and harshness of tobacco.

  • Cigar and cigarette smoking almost have many similar health consequences because of selling brands of cigarettes. Smokers who smoke 4 to 10 cigarettes per day are usually more likely to die from oral, lung, esophageal cancer.

  • Cigars are separated from cigarettes for tobacco tax purposes. Cigars have significantly fewer taxes than taxes on cigarettes and tobacco.

  • In 2001, the United States Federal Trades Commission made it mandatory to warn about possible health consequences related to the use of these cigars on packages and advertisements.

Use of Cigar in the United States:

  • In 2017, the National Institute of Medical Health had about 9.3 million (3.8%)adults as active cigar users. About 1% of women and 6.8% of men were active users of the cigar.

  • In 2017, about a large number of school students (1.1 million) were active users of cigar smokers. About 9 % of girls and 6.3% boys were current users.

  • About 1.5% of middle school students were cigar smokers in 2017.

  • The ratio of cigar smokers in Harvard medical school was equal to the non-Hispanic Blacks 8.7% and non-Hispanic whites 7.4% in the United States.

Final Verdict:

After a few hours of our last cigarette or cigar, our body starts repairing it. Blood pressure level becomes normal, and Heartbeat rate decreases in this process. About one day after smoking cigars and cigarettes, all nicotine is removed from the blood, and your body can easily get access to fresh oxygen.

FACT 3#: A study conducted by the American Cancer Society reveals that if a person suddenly stops smoking after a few weeks of smoking, he can feel withdrawal symptoms.

Smoking in any form is not good for your health or the health of other people around you. If you are a social smoker or often smoke in social gatherings and want to get out of it, then you should talk to your friends about your decision and ask for help. They can help you stop smoking by not inviting you to such places where you can get into it or by cutting down alcohol consumption at parties.

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