Classic Cars with Old Souls, remodeled with LCD and A.C.


When driving in the heat of Dubai in your collector car, you want it to be fitted with a working air conditioning system.


One look and the modern Ford Cobra Roadstar looks every part the beautiful classic car it is.


1.      Ford Cobra RoadStar


However, open the doors and the hood and you will be surprised to discover how this ultimate classic car can be remodeled to include a more powerful engine, A.C. and an LCD. and it does not stop at just this. For the contemporary soul everything s/he desires could be included in the car: an infotainment system? Check. Fancy carpeting? Check. Everything that you desire or ever wondered to include in your classic car could be included in your car today.


You can avail exciting prospect to post free ads in Dubai on websites like Ylaa to get your own Ford Cobra Roadstar. 


3.      Ford Bronco: For Families that Enjoy Look of Classic Cars


The newest craze is to buy a 1974 Ford Bronco that comes fitted with a superpower engine. The roar of the engine is bound to draw crowds of eager and excited people around all wondering all this marvelous automobile.


        i.          Wonderful features of Ford Bronco. What distinguish Ford Bronco 1974 from other classic vehicles is its exciting features which makes the car completely acceptable to be driven around on roads. It is only due to extremely adaptable features of this car that it is possible to drive it around the busy roads of UAE even today.


Unlike some other cars from the 1970s that were easily overheated and were a bit difficult to handle, the Ford Bronco 1974 was a lot easier to handle and also does not get heated up. In addition, the start and stop routine of the Ford Bronco also gives competition to any other 21st century car.


      ii.          The Restomod Bronco. The new buzzword in classic collector car world, restomod, refers to the phenomenon of taking up an old car and installing latest technology equipment and tools into it.


The classic combination of a huge car that has an intimidating personality is fit for an auto buff. Not only that many families in Dubai that are a fan of owning a classic car, proudly own a Bronco into which all of them can fit together at one time.


    iii.         Broncos on the Move: Broncos, unlike most of the other classic cars, are used by owners to drive around downtown Dubai, for grocery shopping and for going to parks and recreational spots on the weekends.


4.      How to buy a Classic Car in Dubai?


Looking to buy a classic car in Dubai for sale? Worry no more, with Dubai classifieds your search for the classic restomod Bronco or the Ford Cobra Roadstar has come to an end. Online Dubai classified websites such as Ylaa.
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com give you the option of searching for the car of your choice at or around a price range you desire.


However, as you post and ad for the classic car of your choice and offers come rolling in, be sure not to fall into the trap of fishy buyers. If a car seller claims to sell a classic car that comes fitted with heated seats, new carpeting and air-conditioning, better to check out his/her claims in person. Take an experienced classic car mechanic with you who has knowledge of classic cars remodeling.