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Clever Wall Décor Ideas to Improve Any Blank Space

Finding the right furniture and home decor is one thing, but when you’re done decorating, what do you do about those empty walls?


Sometimes a bare wall works. It allows the furniture in the room to speak for itself, which is excellent if you have a showpiece. But otherwise, it just leaves the area looking unfinished.


You know whether your room has enough variety and texture in it because you feel content stepping inside the doorway. When you don’t have that feeling of completeness, it could be because you need to add some decor as like abstract canvas painting, framed canvas art, 3-panel wall art etc. to the walls.


This doesn’t mean you need to repaint or wallpaper. With a few clever little touches to show off your personality, you can improve any blank space quickly!


1. Arrange a Gallery Wall


If photography or paintings interest you, that blank wall is the perfect display background for a gallery. Since there’s no specific set of rules in a gallery wall, this is a great opportunity for you to play around and collect your favorite pieces. 


Your finished wall look is up to you, but there are some basic steps to follow as you put it together:


  • First, choose a theme you want to show off. Popular examples include family photos, a tropical paradise destination, or your favorite artwork. 


  • Next, decide how you want to lay the pieces out: in rows and columns, randomly, or staggered? What size frames will you need to hang? 


  • Measure the wall to make sure everything will fit before you start hanging.


  • Gather your framed art together. Set everything out on the floor in the same pattern that you want to hang it on the wall. Check the final measurements and overall look before you do the hard work.


  • Finally, hang your pictures. Use a pencil and level to make sure each piece is straight. If you don’t want to put holes in the walls, use hanging strips instead of nails.


Take a step back and survey your art display. Adjust the pieces as needed and enjoy your gallery wall!


2. Hang Throw Rugs and Tapestries


If filling up that big wall is a little intimidating, why not try a carpet wall? It’s a one-piece wonder that covers the blank area and brings cohesion to the room.


Like a gallery wall, first, you have to decide on the theme that you want to showcase in your room.  Do you want a geometric design, an abstract look, or a picture? 


As you look for your wall artwork, remember that texture matters, too. There are a lot of different styles that you can choose from once you pick your theme. 


  • Tapestries are carpets that are specifically for hanging on walls. They are woven together, usually in intricate patterns.


  • Shag rugs are popular floor coverings that have become commonly used as wall decor. These are usually one color or a simple pattern.


  • Vintage, or antique, rugs will typically be secondhand, but still in good shape. They’re too fragile or valuable to leave on the floor, so the owners hang them for display instead.


  • Mural rugs are carpets designed to show off a picture. Like framed artwork on the wall, you can use these carpets as a room’s centerpiece.


Once you choose the piece you want on your wall, use a rug hanger for minimal damage. This also makes it easy to switch the rug out when you change decor.


3. Add Some Shelves


Installing some shelves on the wall covers the blank space while also adding more room for you to get organized.


We’ve come a long way from the practical, utilitarian shelves of the past. Now you get to choose from patterned geometric shelving, floating shelves, corner designs, and so much more!


Shelves vary by style and material. Look around your room at the current fixtures you have. Your shelves should blend with the theme. Do you want shelves that are glass, fabric, wood, or something else? 


Once you’ve chosen the pattern and material, the fun is in deciding what to store on them. Your goal is to cover that empty wall, so the shelves can’t sit there bare, too!


Pull out your knick-knacks, collections, or organizing baskets and display them proudly on your new shelves.


4. Go Motivational


Do you have that one catch-phrase that always makes you feel better? Most of us have heard at least one word or phrase that touches our hearts in a calming way. 


It seems like inspirational quotes are everywhere today, including in apartment decor. When you want to cover that blank wall, why not do it with something that motivates you to reach for your goals?


From pre-made peel and stick decals to framed canvas-print artwork, there are thousands of design types you can add to any room. 


If pre-made doesn’t interest you, why not create your own? 


Custom choose different colors, materials, and sizes to add words, your initials, or an inspiring quote you love. When you’ve finished, surround the quote or letters with art that matches.


5. Get Creative with Your Collections


When you’re trying to keep your home clean and decluttered, one of the first steps is always to reduce your collections. If you have a long-term interest that you’ve been adding to throughout the years, you’ve probably had to hide some of it away to avoid clutter.


If you get creative with your collections, though, that blank wall is the perfect display board.


Pull out those old antiques, records, or whatever exciting collection you have! How can you create an unusual way to show them off in the big empty space in front of you?


For instance, how about hanging your records directly on the wall itself? Some people use the vinyl only, while others hang the record album, too.


Or you can install a set of staggered shelves and display your figurines or knick-knacks out of reach. If holes are a no-go, use a tall standalone bookshelf.


With your entire old collection neatly arranged, it may be time to start looking for more things to add!




Once you've furnished your room as you want it and everything seems to be in place, a blank wall can still cause it to look unfinished.


With these easy to implement wall decor ideas, you can have fun decorating and finally relax with a completed look that leaves you satisfied.


[Editor Note]

Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at Harvest at Fiddyment Ranch. With over five years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes Harvest at Fiddyment Ranch, a place everyone loves to call home.

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