Clickasnap Review: Stunning Photos Can Really Fetch You Money


Photography is one of those hidden talents that most of us around the world is good at. We love to capture stunning photographs and make them awesome edits. But what if someone pays you if your photograph gets views. Yes, there is an online platform that pays you when your photos get viewed by a website visitor.

Clickasnap is a photo-sharing platform that provides an opportunity to every photography enthusiast to share their photos and get paid for views. Let’s learn more about this awesome platform.

Clickasnap – An Introduction

Clickasnap is one and only platform on the Earth that pays for photo views. It even has systems to sell all your creative work as physical prints, private art galleries, downloads, and the ability to license your photos with world’s first-in-class licensing system. It is constantly evolving in terms of technology to provide best-in-the-class user experience to its website visitors.

The photo-sharing platform is on a mission to become the world’s largest still image repository that can help budding photographers learn from top-notch expert photographers, educate others, and watch their creative work being reviewed with feedbacks. Upload your best content, join discussions, and make money when your photos get viewed at Clickasnap.

Once you start your journey with Clickasnap, you will get to know how amazing it is as compared to other similar type of platforms.

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If you want your photos to be viewed and appreciated by a massive audience, Clickasnap can help you share you’re your photos to the right audience. All you have to do is register with your social id (Facebook, Twitter, Google) or email id.

How it works?

Clickasnap has a large base of images. It has more than 1 million users signed up and more than 2 million image views every day. Moreover, it offers 0.40¢ per photo view. The money can be withdrawn after it reaches a threshold value of $15. The amount get transferred within 24 hours.

What’s the process?

·         Upload your photos: Once you have registered, upload theimageson this platform and start generating some income from today.

·         Users view your photos:You start making money from your first photo view.

·         Get Paid:After reaching a threshold amount of $15, you can withdraw the money to your PayPal account.

This photo-sharing platform offers tiered membership levels – a free account, an ad-free account (£2/month), a seller account (£4/month), and a pro-seller account (£6/month).

Why it is recommended?

·         The most reliable, trustworthy photo-sharing platform on the Earth.

·         It’s available for both newbie and expert photographers.

·         It’s evolving constantly and bringing up new features and enhancements.

·         Your photos stay protected against theft with its top-tier protection.

·         Once you reach minimum threshold, the payouts are super quick.

Automated Marketing System – Your Photos are Marketed for a Week

It can be integrated with your social channels and your photos can be promoted to the right audience for a week. This increases the chances of photo views and your earnings. This saves a lot of efforts that you might put it to endorse your images among the masses.

What’s there in thePro-Seller Account?

You can select from thousands of products (key rings, canvasses, downloads, etc.) to sell from after becoming a seller at Clickasnap. Here are some great benefits of having a Pro-Seller account.

·         The low commission rates (4%) will surprise you and help you earn more.

·         Once you have your shop, you can display unlimited products.

·         It also supports Pinterest integration.Your images get uploaded automatically on Pinterest board.

·         You get 100 free credits every month to promote your photos/profile.

·         You will never run out of space as it offers unlimited storage.

Over to You

If you want to build a network with other like-minded photographers who might be experts and showcase your work to the world, Clickasnap is the platform meant for you. Not only it gives you an opportunity to earn, but it also provides you an opportunity to build your own name among the best photographers of the world.