Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Top 5 Ways to Use ClickFunnels to Grow Your Business

Are you finding ways to grow your business? Are you in digital marketing? Do you have an online business?

If you have these types of questions or similar to these you are in the right place because I will tell you something about how to grow an online business. Have you ever heard of a platform name Clickfunnels?

If yes then you will be having a lot of fun by reading this article if you have no idea of the platform no worries I will give you a short introduction about Clickfunnels first so you can also learn something from this article.

If we start with Clickfunnels I would like to tell you that Clickfunnels is a platform where you can start your own business and make it grow much larger than you imagine and if you are doing business already then Clickfunnels offers many other features to grow your business online and introduce your business in digital marketing as well.

Clickfunnels offer you a freedom to make your business grow bigger and bigger in fact Clickfunnels will help you extend your business.

If you are seeing the world is changing now and most of the world is changing there style of living, the style of shopping, the style of eating.

These changes can be beneficial for you if you engage yourself in the digital market and start working your way through the digital market through Clickfunnels.

Customers of present prefer online shopping, eating and much other stuff so they would not go outside and waste their valuable time in eating and other stuff.

Instead of this, they prefer online transfers so they can stay at home and give the order so the things travel to them.

Customers are the most important thing in the business and for this Clickfunnels offer you sales funnels so you can make different sale funnels and attract customers towards your business and increase your sale trafficking as well.

We have listed 5 ways to use clickfunnels adn to grow your business even bigger.

1. Grow your email list

If you are thinking that the social media presence and marketing can give you an upper hand in the business so you are wrong.

What if Facebook and Instagram close your account or someone reports your account and the people behind Facebook and Instagram block you, where will you be then?

The reason behind this is to give you a mind check that these social media accounts are not owned by or you cannot do everything you see fit to do.

Instead of this, I will suggest to your email address that it is the most powerful thing in the world right now and it always will be.

You need to design your database to store every single customer’s email address so you can start marketing your customers directly so how can you do that? Clickfunnels off you a feature to create a landing page.

The landing page is a page where you can encourage readers by taking their email in exchange for some freebie. This is also called opt-in page and for this you will need a lead magnets so it can easily encourage a customer to give up their emails.

Lead magnets can be such as ebooks, templates and much you can search them after reading the article.

2. Build a sales funnel

Building a sales funnel is not so easy as you can also find it through searches but just like I said earlier Clickfunnels can get rid of all the pain.

If you want to learn how you can build a sales funnel in just minutes by simply doing drag and drop. You should follow this image.

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3. Creating a membership funnel

Many of the people try to sell courses or much other stuff through word press or trying to create something where they can sell through word press but as you know word press sucks in these things and as your better solution Clickfunnels has introduced you a membership funnel where you easily sell your paid content.

If you wanna know how to access the membership funnel or how to create it you just have to log in and then click on create funnel after that down below you will see it.

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4. Creating a coaching funnel

Creating a coaching funnel is easy and you can use it for teaching other young fellows that want to learn all about Clickfunnels and want to start their own business as these coaching classes can also be a part of your business.

5. Affiliate Commission Program

There are a lot of things in Clickfunnels as this Affiliate commission program. This can be really helpful for anybody who just wants to earn money by simply letting others do the job.

If you have this program Clickfunnels will give you 40% of what the customer gives them after signing up from your affiliate link. If you wanna know what you will be having you should see Clickfunnels pricing plan

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